Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Superman...

Right, first things first, we're massive geeks. And, as of late, our geekery has been focused on superheroes. It doesn't matter which superheroes, we love them all and Michael's been teaching me who's who, from Thor to Doomsday, Galactus to Wonder Woman and Wolverine to Brainiac.  I love it!

So, keeping to this theme we have a game to review and some nail transfers to rave about. These are both good things for M.E, Michael does my nails and i can play games for a little at a time, keeping me sane. 

First up is the game: Injustice: Gods Among Us.
It's a beat 'em up, pound 'em into the ground and leave 'em there to die sorta game.
This picture is the character selection screen on multiplayer.
I have a very fierce concentration face.
To start, we're going to look at this game from my point of view, as a person with severe M.E. I have a really short attention span at the moment, so it's quite hard to find something that really interests me. I'm usually 10 mins of one thing, 30 of another, i can't even watch tv without needing to do something else. Yup, i'm one of those people that talks all through a tv show, luckily Michael has grown used to it and i try to plan my speeches in the quiet bits. But, this game is epic, for geeks and M.E sufferers, and of course those of you who are both. I don't know if anyone has noticed this, but it's really hard to find a game that is for 2 players anymore 'cos of all this online stuff. However, this game is so me and Michael can pick which ever superhero we love the most and can play together. This means a lot to me, i can't do much with him anymore and i hate it :'( This game is awesome though, not only do i get to do something with my wonderful man, but it's something i can take my frustration out on, and boy, do i do just that?!  M.E makes me so angry and fed up of not being able to do stuff and join in, and this game is a new way of getting my frustration out for a bit. Now, i can't play for ages, but what i can do is play single player with me and Michael taking it in turns, giving my hands a rest. Or, we play multiplayer, having a few battles and then leaving it until i feel up to it again. So, if you have brothers or sisters, or geeky friends, Injustice is a way to spend time with them even though you have M.E, even if it's for 5 minutes i'm sure it would mean a lot to you and them. Basically, this game rocks.

I don't know what happened to the color, bad camera :(
It's Michael here and now, it's time to get down to the nitty gritty stuff... If you've ever played Mortal Combat or Street Fighter, you'll know the fundamentals. If you don't, you aim to string together a combination of buttons to perform attacks against your opponent 'til their health reaches zero. The graphics are pretty good and game play is easy to get to grips with. And, if you're finding it hard, there's a practice mode to, well.. practice! The story mode is well written and plays out as if it were a movie, you jump into a fight in one smooth motion right after two heroes/villains bad mouth each other which is cool! There's also extra modes for people up for a challenge which includes S.T.A.R Labs in which you perform set missions with objectives for each character. The objectives vary in difficulty, but it's fun to try and complete them all! The game really shines however, when you've got someone to play with. You can't beat facing off against a real person sat next you, especially when their a similar skill! (In a best of 5, Laura won 3/2...) And then hardest of all you can fight people online, some of the people are super hard and you just get shoved around like a rag doll! So overall, it's an amazing game, the best brawler I've played,  that really out does itself when you've got someone to play against. I rate it 5/5.

You can buy Injustice: Gods Among Us on x-box for £37.99 with free delivery from Amazon where you can also buy it on other gaming devices.

And now the nails: Batman and Superman nail decals.
Something pretty and geeky all at the same time.

The Batman decals, a bit messy but our first try.
We love these nail transfers, the attention to detail is awesome and they're pretty easy to use, even for someone with M.E. It does help if you do them properly though, me and Michael skipped a step and it caused a lot of trouble in finishing them off. Now, to be honest, i'm pretty fussy with my nails. No, Michael's saying i'm extremely fussy with my nails. Although, i think that's fair enough, considering their one of the only things that can be a little special when you have M.E, 'cos you don't have to do them yourself. Hell, you don't even have to do them at all, just get someone else to do them for you. I'll talk you through step by step:
  1. You start with a clear base coat to protect you nails from being stained by the polish or damaging. Also, make sure your nails are clean before so you get a smooth finish.
  2. Do 1 or 2 coats of white paint, depending on how bright the polish is. This is needed, otherwise when you put the transfers on, the bits that are white on paper will be clear on your nails.
  3. Cut the transfers to the size of your nails so that they fit perfectly, leaving no patch of nail uncovered. This is the bit we missed out, big mistake! We tried pulling the excess off at the end and ended up with the ragged edges that you can see in some of the photos.
  4. Now, get some cold/warm water, doesn't really matter, and soak the first transfer in it for 30 seconds.
  5. Slide the transfer off of the paper and onto your nail, very carefully so you get it in the right place.
  6. As soon as it's in place hold it on to the nail with a cotton wool pad for 20-30secs, until it's half dried and staying in place.
  7. Then, do a clear top coat over the top of the decal. I use Seche Vite dry fast top coat, this stuff is amazing and i'll be doing a review of it soon.
  8. Repeat steps 4-7 until you've done all of you fingers.
These are the Superman decals, i love the colors.
That's it. I know, pretty simple. But, i wouldn't recommend that anyone with M.E do them without help. As a severely affected person, Michael had to do all of it for me. He didn't mind though, he loved them as much as me and they looked so good. Also, with M.E, nail polish can be quite strong smelling, giving us headaches, but with nail decals there isn't any smell. I know right?! Perfect.

You can buy the Superman nail decals and Batman nail decals and many more for £1.99 with free delivery from The Nail Bird on Ebay.

So, to conclude our reviews, these items both get 10/10 from us. And, to be truthful, they go pretty well together, some comic superheroes nails and a game to match. They're both great for people with M.E too, just in moderation, the same as everything. Oh, I better add, i won! Me! 

Has anyone else tried either of these? Or, does anyone want to ask any questions?
Please feel free to comment and tell us what you think.

Adios Amigos

Laura      &      Michael

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