Jewels in June.

We wanted to have a regular film review for you guys (especially with M.E) so we decided to have one post on the last day of the month, full of all the movies that we've watched during the month. Films are a big part of our life because Laura can't do much, so we snuggle down, stick a movie in and wait to be entertained. You'll be getting the good, bad and the ugly so you can take your pick of what you want. Here we go!

 The best film of it's kind in our opinion. A definite addition to anyone's film collection. And, to think Will Smith turned the role down! Bet he's regretting that now. It feels like it's a series of films because it has sections where Me and Laura said to each other 'Is that the end?!'. Gladly though it wasn't, there were hours left, it's a long film. Some people might have to watch it in said sections and it would easily work that way. The casting is brilliant, everyone plays their role perfectly and they all work together to make the film as powerful as it is.

This film is a bit odd, if you've ever seen Kill Bill it's done in the same sort of style. Blood, guts and limbs flying everywhere in a martial arts frenzy. Yep you guessed it, not great for the squeamish. But, if you're not bothered it gets pretty funny. As you would expect the acting's not great but the film isn't made for that, it's a sit down and relax watching people get sliced up. If you're into that kinda thing... It's good for people with M.E because you don't need any concentration and there's not a lot of storyline to follow. Laura's a bit of a tomboy with films, but all the guys with M.E would like this, maybe even some of you gals!

Bake of the week! 30/06/2013

We have another treat for you guys this week, Strawberry and Banana Cake, and boy is it a good 'un?! Laura's been eating lots of banana's because they're easy to eat, so i decided to make her a super banana cake. Although, this cake has a twist... Strawberries. Don't worry if you don't like cooked strawberries (Laura doesn't either) because they don't taste cooked. They're just super gooey and work really well with the banana to form a really soft and flavoursome banana bread, which is perfect for breakfast or an afternoon snack. What the hell, any time of the day with ice cream!

If you've ever made a banana bread, you'll know they're really easy to knock up but will taste like you've spent hours on them. They're also fairly cheap to make, even though this one has strawberries a little really does go a long way. It's a really basic recipe but it's a perfect for when you need a little pick-me-up to keep you going through the day. It also makes a good breakfast for people with M.E, you don't need much but it's got a lot of goodness in it.

So, get someone to bake it for you or even try it out yourself.

Adios Amigos

Laura       &       Michael

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Squeaky Clean: a LUSH shampoo bar review

Today we're going to be reviewing another of LUSH's magical creations, their Squeaky Green Solid Shampoo Bar. Obviously, as the same as all of their other products, everything is made with 100% natural ingredients so no nasty's! Laura's always had trouble with man-made chemicals so we were keen to find an alternative, so LUSH seems the ideal place to go. And we didn't realise how harsh the chemicals were in normal shampoo until we tried this one and boy, did it make a difference. For all you eco-warriors out there, the shampoo isn't just good for your hair, but it helps the environment. In trials we have found they last as long as approximately three 250g bottles of conventional shampoo, which we think is not only incredible value for money, but no plastic waste. You can also get a LUSH shampoo bar tin to keep your solid shampoo fresh and dry so it doesn't mush up. And, you can use it over and over again, just clean it out between bars. They smell great too so everyone's a winner!

Before       &       After


The low down.

Hello all, just here to give you all a whats going on post. Laura's gone even more downhill, she's got sores, can't sleep and aches to the high heavens. But she's soldiers on and deals with everything amazingly well as always. She's excited about Nan coming down tomorrow night for her (21st, winkwink) Birthday though, it means pudding for dinner! Mmmm... pudding.. We're trying to move out that takes a lot of energy at the moment, we're trying to get a little place where Laura can go in the garden or at least be able to move from the bedroom. But we need a lot of medical support and that stuff takes aaaaaaages to sort out. Although we have found something that relaxes Laura and that's no mean feat, Massages. As in the LUSH Massage bars, which we wrote about here.
the pic that we put on the front of Nans card


Funny Mondays: Hakuna Matata

This week, Laura's feeling really awful and she's a giant disney fan. So, when i came across a video of Lion King cast bloopers that they animated i knew it would super cheer her up! 


Bake of the week! 23/06/2013

Look.. look at these!

Mmmm.. these were amazing. Laura's favorite cupcakes, ever. And you can tell because this was the second batch i made this week! The rhubarb and custard middle is so gooey, sweet and tangy at the same time and i didn't leave them in the oven to crisp up as long so the gooier they were. I had never roasted rhubarb before but it turns out much better when you do (Laura finished off a little left over very happily).

They come together quickly and easily so i super recommend them! Also, Laura thinks these will be splendid for anyone with M.E and a sweet tooth as they're so easy to eat. So, here's the recipe.

Nom nom nom.


Adios Amigos

Laura       &       Michael

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Dancing with my muscles: a LUSH massage bar review.

This post is a review of LUSH Therapy Massage Bar. It's a massage bar that has all the oils you need to relax formed into a bar for no mess! A LUSH  inventor was pondering over new ways to transport oils to our skin when he felt a bit peckish, so he went to the shop to buy a chocolate bar. By the time he got back to the workshop the chocolate had melted in his pocket and low and behold he knew chocolate was the secret to a new way of massage. The Cocoa Butter which allows the chocolate to soften is used in the same way in the massage bars, so when it touches your warm skin it secretes oils which leave your skin ready for a super relaxing time. Now, these oils aren't just any old oils. In each bar there is a carefully selected blend of oils that work together to do exactly what it says on the tin! Some wake you up and some make you sleepy, there's even one which really focuses on your muscles!
our massage bar


Funny Mondays: Izzy sized circles

This weeks Funny Monday is all about one of our pooches, and the lady in question is Izzy! She stays with us every other weekend and we've got some goodies from her most recent stay. So with no further ado.. 

My girls at bed time.
This week we've got something different for you, a video of crazy Izzy.. uh.. can't explain, you'll have to see for yourself..


Lush, lush... LUSH.

I should probably let you know that Laura's a bit (when i say a bit, i mean a LOT) of an eco freak, it's kinda her thing the way gaming is mine! We were browsing the interweb and, to her horror, she discovered that the products she had been using were being nasty to animals. So, she decided she was going to stop using all the brands that test on animals and sell them at a car boot. Which didn't leave us with much, meaning Laura had to get fill the cupboard up with animal friendly brands instead. Luckily we had some money stashed away that we could use to save the world and it's inhabitants. Then, Laura found...


Bake of the week! 11/06/2013

Hi guys, just a little note to tell you that I (Michael) will be writing the posts for a bit until Laura picks up. She's really having a bad patch lately, since Christmas she's been getting progressively worse, being able to do less and less and right now it's the worst she's ever felt.  She can't pick up anything let alone write up on all the amazing things in her head! Although she's keeping a close eye on me and what I'm writing... But rest assured people, she's so strong and nothing will be able to keep her at bay for long!

So... I bake for Laura every week. Just something that makes her want to eat because she hasn't got much of an appetite. And i am an excellent baker! Last week i thought i'd up the ante and i baked two treats for Laura. A simple home made loaf (Laura swears by home made bread, nothing else compares!) and some Maraschino cherry white chocolate cookies.

Here's the wonderful bread and to use Laura's words "the best bread I've ever had!" 

The bread is a no knead recipe so it's super easy to do. It produces a lovely fluffy bread that works great as a sandwich bread. It has a crisp crust thanks the baking method which always has the most flavour! Mmmmmm...  Here is the recipe.

These cookies are bloody lovely! I love the cherry flavour and the cookies are so soft and chewy. My favorite! I used a normal chocolate bar and not baking chocolate chips and it melted into the cookies instead of having chocolate bites, the cookies had a hint of it, which was nice anyway! I would have quite happily have eaten them all if Laura didn't want any.. Mmmmmm... Here is the recipe.

So that's an update of how Laura's doing and a couple of lovely recipes for you to try!

Adios Amigos

Laura       &       Michael

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Funny Mondays: School's a joke

It's that time again! We've been trawling through photo's and jokes to find you lot some good 'uns and it's safe to say that we could put hundreds of them on here... But we'll keep it short and sweet or you'll get addicted. So, to kick it off - 

Laura loves her cakes...

Har har right? Funny picture incoming -


A Child's Insight

This is a post for all of you with M.E that have had a hard time, it perked me up a bit so i thought i'd share it with you lot :)
My mum is boss cook in a school where she feeds a lot of children and they all love her to bits. And she spends all her spare money on this:

I know right?! Awesome! But anyway, back to the story. She speaks to a little disabled girl a lot who is wheelchair bound and this is how their conversation went yesterday:


Funny Mondays: Dogs & Donkeys

We've decided that everyone needs cheering up on a Monday. Whether you're ill at home or stuck in some stuffy office, Mondays are the hardest day of the week. And, if you are ill, then i know from experience that if you're stuck i bed Mondays are horrible, you've had everyone home with you all weekend but Monday comes and you've got to last until Friday night. Bummer. So, now we're going to make it our mission to make Mondays better by having a new joke ready for you and a funny picture. Sound good? We hope so...

This is our Izzy. She's slightly crazy and can't catch a ball to save her life, as you can see! Oh, she tries, really hard and, luckily for us, this is how we get the best photos of her. As she's staying at Michael's mums he goes to walk her in a big field especially for dogs, taking lots of photos for me so that when he gets home it's sort of like i was on the walk with them. This is a huge tip for M.E sufferers with pets, just get someone to take lots of photos for you to look at whilst they're walking the dog or playing with the cat. So, this is our funny photo of the week and i hope everyone's liked looking at it!