A Child's Insight

This is a post for all of you with M.E that have had a hard time, it perked me up a bit so i thought i'd share it with you lot :)
My mum is boss cook in a school where she feeds a lot of children and they all love her to bits. And she spends all her spare money on this:

I know right?! Awesome! But anyway, back to the story. She speaks to a little disabled girl a lot who is wheelchair bound and this is how their conversation went yesterday:

Girl: Is your daughter ill?
Mum: Yeah.
Girl: Does she have M.E?
Mum: Yeah.
Girl: Does she have to use a wheelchair?
Mum: Yeah, but at the moment she's too poorly to use it so she's in bed all of the time.
Girl: M.E's really horrible isn't it? I had a friend at physio who had M.E and she was really tired all of the time. Even though i'm in a wheelchair i can do whatever i want whenever i want and sometimes i say i can't because i'm being lazy. But, with M.E you can't do what you want whenever you want 'cos your body won't let you and that's really hard.
Mum: That's what it's like for Laura.
Girl: Say Hi to her for me! (whizzes away).

This made my day. Yeah, it might seem small for some but for someone with M.E who has been made to feel like it's all in their head it gives you such a lift. I don't know how this works, why is it always the disabled people that give me support and understanding?! I've had so many people say i'm lazy when all i've done all my life is work hard, partly the reason i got M.E! One of my mum's best friends has a son who can't talk and is in a wheelchair permanently, yet she says that M.E is awful because you've been able to be so active up until that point when you get M.E and then you can't do anything. So, all of my support is from people who i used to think would judge me the most and say i was being stupid. Now, if someone so young in a wheelchair can understand it's out of my hands, why can't a fully grown adult?!

Adios Amigos

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