Dancing with my muscles: a LUSH massage bar review.

This post is a review of LUSH Therapy Massage Bar. It's a massage bar that has all the oils you need to relax formed into a bar for no mess! A LUSH  inventor was pondering over new ways to transport oils to our skin when he felt a bit peckish, so he went to the shop to buy a chocolate bar. By the time he got back to the workshop the chocolate had melted in his pocket and low and behold he knew chocolate was the secret to a new way of massage. The Cocoa Butter which allows the chocolate to soften is used in the same way in the massage bars, so when it touches your warm skin it secretes oils which leave your skin ready for a super relaxing time. Now, these oils aren't just any old oils. In each bar there is a carefully selected blend of oils that work together to do exactly what it says on the tin! Some wake you up and some make you sleepy, there's even one which really focuses on your muscles!
our massage bar

Looking at the massage bar you would think that it takes a long time to get any oil out of it, but with just a few seconds of exposure to body warmth it transforms into an oily mess! (In a good way) As it is an oil you don't need much so the bar lasts a long time. We've used it a few times and you can hardly see any size difference in the bar. Oil out of a bottle can be a bit fiddly if you want to go back for more but in bar form if you want more you only need to hold it for a few seconds and your hands are all lathered up again! We keep ours in a tin to keep it as fresh as possible. Overall i really recommend getting one if like or want to start getting or giving massages as it smells great, looks good and super easy to use.

This is what Laura said: 'I really love this massage bar, it's great for anyone with aches and pains. It feels lovely on the skin and makes Michael's fingers glide softly across my skin. We usually use Body Shop Body Butter because oils are too much hassle, but they weren't soft enough to cause no friction to my skin and left lumps of moisturiser everywhere. I didn't realise how much of a difference it would make to use oils, i don't normally believe in all the homeopathy stuff but just using this bar a few times makes the pain in my legs bearable! The worst part of my M.E is the aches in my legs and this week they've been especially achey, to the point where i can't stay still 'cos they hurt so much but using the bar has helped hugely. My mum also found out that lots of massages are great for people with M.E so i will definitely be purchasing more in the future. I LOVE THEM.'

the back of Laura's legs and my hand once oiled
At around £6-£8 they're a little pricey but if you're in a lot of pain and just need to relax they're ideal. From an M.E sufferer's point of view you get so much more than what you pay for and I would recommend that everyone try them out. LUSH gets 10/10 from us.

Adios Amigos

Laura       &       Michael

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