Jewels in June.

We wanted to have a regular film review for you guys (especially with M.E) so we decided to have one post on the last day of the month, full of all the movies that we've watched during the month. Films are a big part of our life because Laura can't do much, so we snuggle down, stick a movie in and wait to be entertained. You'll be getting the good, bad and the ugly so you can take your pick of what you want. Here we go!

 The best film of it's kind in our opinion. A definite addition to anyone's film collection. And, to think Will Smith turned the role down! Bet he's regretting that now. It feels like it's a series of films because it has sections where Me and Laura said to each other 'Is that the end?!'. Gladly though it wasn't, there were hours left, it's a long film. Some people might have to watch it in said sections and it would easily work that way. The casting is brilliant, everyone plays their role perfectly and they all work together to make the film as powerful as it is.

This film is a bit odd, if you've ever seen Kill Bill it's done in the same sort of style. Blood, guts and limbs flying everywhere in a martial arts frenzy. Yep you guessed it, not great for the squeamish. But, if you're not bothered it gets pretty funny. As you would expect the acting's not great but the film isn't made for that, it's a sit down and relax watching people get sliced up. If you're into that kinda thing... It's good for people with M.E because you don't need any concentration and there's not a lot of storyline to follow. Laura's a bit of a tomboy with films, but all the guys with M.E would like this, maybe even some of you gals!


 It doesn't exactly blow your mind but it's not the worst out there. The story's changed a little from the fairytale you heard as a child, but it was needed for an adult audience. They changed the story pretty well and made it predominantly about witches, and some blood and guts. To be honest there's not much to say about this film, it has good casting of Hansel and Gretal, they're 2 well known actors and they can both actually act. OH, ALSO, there's a giant cute troll... He's cool.

Not the best script but the leads do their best with it and just about pull it off. It starts off being all about the law but turns into a bitter revenge against a sadistic killer, showing all the sides to 'Alex Cross'. All films made from a book have a decent storyline but are rarely as good as the book, and this is no exception. It's a good film and if you want a decent storyline but are too tired for it to be too complex then it's perfect for you.

We don't normally like comedies, in fact we hate them. They try too hard to be funny and end up being a five year old would watch. There's a few exceptions, our favorites being Pitch Perfect and Bridesmaids, and now this one is on that list! Some of the language is a bit naughty so it's not for children, but it's the naughty bits that make the movie what it is. If you're feeling a bit down, this movie will perk you up.

Wreck-It Ralph is another great Disney movie and an instant classic. Amazing story line with great casting. As a geeky gamer it's great to see all the characters, such as Pacman, being brought to life. Laura loves Disney and they never let her down. They always make her smile, excitable and cry (in a good way). It's great for kids and adults alike and definitely a movie for the family to sit down and enjoy. Trust Laura, she's from a family of 8!

Laura was eagerly anticipating this films release on DVD. She's read all the books at least 3 times and she's really picky when they're made into films. She wasn't impressed with Twilight... She started off really unsure about it, however as the film got into a flow she began to really like it. But, for someone who's read the book, the ending didn't measure up. Trust me, i got told!

These films are all extremely different in styles but we definitely didn't hate any of them. Our top 3 for this month would have to be Django Unchained, Wreck-it Ralph and Beautiful Creatures. They had all the things a good film should; a good story line, something to pull at your heart strings and of course a climax (including a bit of fighting!).

We watch most of our films through LOVEFILM, paying £10 a month for unlimited streaming onto our x-box and laptop and 2 new rental DVD's a week. It's a good investment for all you guys with M.E, giving you the chance to watch new things, rather than running out of things to watch when you're too ill to do anything else. Just  take a look.

Adios Amigos

Laura       &       Michael

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