Lush, lush... LUSH.

I should probably let you know that Laura's a bit (when i say a bit, i mean a LOT) of an eco freak, it's kinda her thing the way gaming is mine! We were browsing the interweb and, to her horror, she discovered that the products she had been using were being nasty to animals. So, she decided she was going to stop using all the brands that test on animals and sell them at a car boot. Which didn't leave us with much, meaning Laura had to get fill the cupboard up with animal friendly brands instead. Luckily we had some money stashed away that we could use to save the world and it's inhabitants. Then, Laura found...

LUSH was born in 1994 from a couple who wanted to change the beauty industry to a more cuddly version, using only natural ingredients and NO animal testing they've made it possible for you to help in their quest. From then on hippies could peace out and smell nice! LUSH is Laura's only way of helping save the animals, right from her bed.

So, in the next few weeks we'll be bringing you reviews of LUSH and their products, especially from a severely ill persons perspective. And you won't be disappointed... 

The products so far

The Therapy Massage Bar will be first up on the podium in the next few days. Also the end of next week will bring a special blog for all you SAMS reading.

Adios Amigos

Laura       &       Michael

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