Squeaky Clean: a LUSH shampoo bar review

Today we're going to be reviewing another of LUSH's magical creations, their Squeaky Green Solid Shampoo Bar. Obviously, as the same as all of their other products, everything is made with 100% natural ingredients so no nasty's! Laura's always had trouble with man-made chemicals so we were keen to find an alternative, so LUSH seems the ideal place to go. And we didn't realise how harsh the chemicals were in normal shampoo until we tried this one and boy, did it make a difference. For all you eco-warriors out there, the shampoo isn't just good for your hair, but it helps the environment. In trials we have found they last as long as approximately three 250g bottles of conventional shampoo, which we think is not only incredible value for money, but no plastic waste. You can also get a LUSH shampoo bar tin to keep your solid shampoo fresh and dry so it doesn't mush up. And, you can use it over and over again, just clean it out between bars. They smell great too so everyone's a winner!

Before       &       After
To use the bar, you have to wet your hands and rub it between them the same as you would soap, however when i first used i found it a little bit tricky to get enough to wash the whole of Laura's hair. Then i accidentally dropped it into the water and thought 'I've ruined the bar' but it actually helped a hell of a lot with getting enough shampoo out. So now i just dunk it in the water to make sure that it's wet and ready! It washes really well and i can feel Laura's hair cleaning as I'm scrubbing it. It's easy to get more shampoo off the bar as well, just pick it up scrub it a little and wahlaa, shampoo everywhere. I can see and feel that it washes really well so it gets top scores for that. And gets top scores for ease of use also, if you follow my tip of dipping in water before use you'll have no problems so i really recommend getting one for yourself.

This is what Laura said: 'I have always had a lot of trouble with greasy hair, mine being thin on top it goes a bit limp. But, this is the first shampoo that has kept my hair virtually grease free for a decent amount of time. Me having severe M.E means that i can't wash my hair a lot, we try to wash it once a week and sometimes i use Batiste dry shampoo to keep it fresh in between. This shampoo means i can wash my hair once a week and not feel so dirty for most of it, which is incredibly useful when your feeling a bit manky. However, Michael will tell me my hair's not greasy when it looks like I've been out in the rain, bless him. All joking aside I'm totally in love with this shampoo for many reasons. One of them being that it stops my scalp being so sore, I've always had trouble with my head but with this it stops every movement being painful which is a big deal for me! So, I'm going to keep on using this bar and maybe try a few others but i will be sticking to LUSH's shampoo bars.'

Because of how Laura's feeling, we've had to improvise with how we wash her hair. A district nurse gave us the idea to lay Laura across the bed with her head over the side with me holding her neck up whilst her mum washes her hair over a bowl. It works really well!

All in all, the Squeaky Green Solid Shampoo Bar is fabulous for removing all dirt and grime from your hair when you don't have the energy to wash it very much. At £5.25 it isn't the cheapest but, for how long it lasts and no waste you do get what you pay for. This isn't the only shampoo bar though, you can find ones more suited to your hair type here. Hope you like it too!

Adios Amigos

Laura      &      Michael

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