The low down.

Hello all, just here to give you all a whats going on post. Laura's gone even more downhill, she's got sores, can't sleep and aches to the high heavens. But she's soldiers on and deals with everything amazingly well as always. She's excited about Nan coming down tomorrow night for her (21st, winkwink) Birthday though, it means pudding for dinner! Mmmm... pudding.. We're trying to move out that takes a lot of energy at the moment, we're trying to get a little place where Laura can go in the garden or at least be able to move from the bedroom. But we need a lot of medical support and that stuff takes aaaaaaages to sort out. Although we have found something that relaxes Laura and that's no mean feat, Massages. As in the LUSH Massage bars, which we wrote about here.
the pic that we put on the front of Nans card
Scamp and Izzy had a trip to the vets together last night to check up on their joints. Scamp's got arthritis in his front right paw, which he never lets you forget- hold my paw, hold my paw! He gets a bit nervous when going to the vets after being his by a transit van, ouch. On the other hand, Izzy LOVES the vets, she gets treats. She went because she's a Rottweiler and they've been known to have weak bones so we keep her checked to make sure nothing sinister is going on, and we're pleased to say there isn't. But we found out that Scamp's basically blind in one eye and the other won't be far behind, doesn't stop him from pulling over bins, getting into ovens and eating cat poop though does it?!
Scamp really needs Laura's glasses now!
What's coming next we here you ask? Well, Friday we'll be writing up a review of the LUSH Squeaky Green shampoo bar. It's good! Also, we're starting a new feature; on the last day of each month we'll be giving you our thought on the films that we've watched in the past month. We thought that it would be good for all the people with M.E who are confined to the house. Oh, and we've reached 500 views! It might sound small but to us it's and amazing achievement. So, on that note...

Adios Amigos

Laura       &       Michael

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