Bake of the week! 11/06/2013

Hi guys, just a little note to tell you that I (Michael) will be writing the posts for a bit until Laura picks up. She's really having a bad patch lately, since Christmas she's been getting progressively worse, being able to do less and less and right now it's the worst she's ever felt.  She can't pick up anything let alone write up on all the amazing things in her head! Although she's keeping a close eye on me and what I'm writing... But rest assured people, she's so strong and nothing will be able to keep her at bay for long!

So... I bake for Laura every week. Just something that makes her want to eat because she hasn't got much of an appetite. And i am an excellent baker! Last week i thought i'd up the ante and i baked two treats for Laura. A simple home made loaf (Laura swears by home made bread, nothing else compares!) and some Maraschino cherry white chocolate cookies.

Here's the wonderful bread and to use Laura's words "the best bread I've ever had!" 

The bread is a no knead recipe so it's super easy to do. It produces a lovely fluffy bread that works great as a sandwich bread. It has a crisp crust thanks the baking method which always has the most flavour! Mmmmmm...  Here is the recipe.

These cookies are bloody lovely! I love the cherry flavour and the cookies are so soft and chewy. My favorite! I used a normal chocolate bar and not baking chocolate chips and it melted into the cookies instead of having chocolate bites, the cookies had a hint of it, which was nice anyway! I would have quite happily have eaten them all if Laura didn't want any.. Mmmmmm... Here is the recipe.

So that's an update of how Laura's doing and a couple of lovely recipes for you to try!

Adios Amigos

Laura       &       Michael

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