Jumping for July.

It's time again for another monthly round-up of all the films we've watched. In this one there seems to be a lot of fighting, smashing and killing, perfect. We do have one film that's not and boy it's a good 'un. Have a look, take your pick and enjoy.

Life of Pi
Wow. This film was amazing, and we could leave it there really. It's really super rare that me and Laura sit down and actually enjoy a drama, but this one completely won us over. They make the film so beautiful and Laura couldn't even tell that the Tiger wasn't real! Bless her... This would be a good film to watch with kids, i'm sure it would keep them quiet for a bit, it would probably stop a crying baby from screaming, if you get where we're coming from. It's a very emotional film and will be tugging at your heartstrings. Just look at the pretty Tiger!


Oz the Great and Powerful
Everyone loves a bit of Disney, especially Laura, so we already had high hopes going in with this one. There was a big hype around this film (especially after this interview; Chris is a legend) when it first came out, so we were excited to see what all the fuss was about. It's a very complex storyline. Mila Kunis and James Franco play their characters very well, they keep you thinking through the whole film, trying to predict their next move. We're crazy about the monkey, who doesn't love a monkey? We can't really point out anything that's wrong with the film, but it doesn't quite have that WOW factor for us.



Funny Mondays: It's all about food.

This weeks Funny Mondays is all about dogs and their human accomplices. Dogs train humans, ya' know and they're getting bolder by the day... Just watch yourself out there people...

I told you they, get what they want!

Sorry it's only short this week, Laura's feeling really poorly. We didn't want to let you down though so, enjoy.

Adios Amigos

Laura       &       Michael

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"It's too late to apologise"

Do you see that tumbleweed over there?... Yeah, sorry about that. The post have been a bit scarce this week and i'm sad to say next week will be more of the same. The last week it's been Laura's brothers birthday, Physio came out, we had massive amounts of organising to do, and our best friend popped in. Next week, we're seeing an OT, Physio, and we need to get Laura to the dentist. All this coupled with the fact that Laura is 10-20% on the functional ability scale, leads to the shortage of posts. Don't fret though, we'll be back on track, blowing your mind in a couple weeks! Laura cuddles into me when i write the posts anyway, she'll just need to be extra cuddly.

Oh, and we had Izzy this weekend. Look at this creepy stare...

Enough to brighten anyone's day.

Adios Amigos

Laura       &       Michael

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Bake of the week! 28/07/2013

Me and Laura got thinking, why don't we use ingredients that are in season? They're cheaper, better quality and you can do so much with them. So this week, we went with the good ol' peach and the health nut blueberry. They sounds lovely i hear you cry! That's because they are! Peaches are soft and juicy and blueberries are little parties of mmmmm in your mouth. We searched through Pinterest (blog account coming soon) and found the most delightful recipe, Peach and Blueberry Bread.

Now this definitely wasn't love at first taste, our friend Ryan (yes, we're talking about you) was here when it came out of the oven and we all decided it needed a bit of pizazz. Some Lemon juice and icing sugar later and BAM, lovely jubbly. It looks scrumptious and all the flavours combine to form a light fruity cake texture, that is perfect for any time of the day. As most of the recipes lately, it's just a whack it into a bowl and mix kind of thing, hardly any time at all. Ours only lasted a few days...

We got this wonderful recipe from Food and Thrift, a great blog about wonderful recipes in a budget lifestyle. You can get the recipe here, give it a whirl and trust us, you won't be disappointed.

 Adios Amigos

Laura       &       Michael

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Funny Mondays: My brother always steals the remote.

There's nothing like Pinterest (we'll be making a blog one soon) to find little gems of laughter. It's perfect for people with M.E, there's everything and me and Laura have been known to sit on
it for hours, go give it a go! If any of you have siblings, you know what we're talking about.. The constant whinging, thinking that they deserve everything that you get, bless them..


Bake of the week! 21/07/2013

It's that time of the week again! Have you got a cup of tea ready? Nah. scrap that it's too bloody hot. Leading on this is the whole reason i made a nice, light, lemon cookie and it's the perfect snack in this crazy heat. You know when you go to a bakery and you pickup super chewy cookies, but when you make cookies at home you never get that chewiness? Well, i've cracked it!

These are melt in your mouth delightfullness. The icing sugar coating gives them a magnificently crisp crunch with a bit of sweetness, and coupled with the gooey insides, these are the best homemade cookies we've ever had. The recipe is quick to whip up so great if you haven't got much time, simply chuck all the ingredients in the bowl, whack them on a tray and bake. If you want to bake these puppies then you can find the recipe here. It's from LDS Living, these cookies won their cookie recipe competition, and you can tell why!

Adios Amigos

Laura       &       Michael

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Mr Heat and his hairy feet

We're just popping in to say hello, to give you an update of what's going on in the lives of .. us! Good stuff first? Right, Laura's little sister has just left school and her prom was Tuesday, we couldn't go round because Laura's too ill but her step-mum took loads of pictures so that Laura could be a part of it. Wow, she looked amazing and really posh (which Georgia is really not..). Here's a picture of her and her boyfriend.


Cool as a Cucumber

This post has been worked on for the past 2 weeks, as we've slowly tried it all out. You have no clue what we're talking about, do you? Well, because of the intense heat, or in other words the heat that just could be the end of us all, we thought we would give everyone some tips on how to stay cool! Some of them may seem more obvious than others but somebody may not have thought of them. This post is mainly for people with M.E because it's harder to stay cool for them. Laura finds it extremely hard to regulate her body temperature and being a SAM (Severely affected member) means that she can't do the quick ways to cool down so we've come up with the easiest but most effective for you lot. They are also all things that your carer or family member can do for you too. So lets get cracking!
  • Fans: We have a fan either side of the bed, so there's cool air coming from both sides. As Laura's an eco-freak is was important to her to get an eco-fan, we got ours from Comet but you can get one here which is eco but slightly more expensive, and here for a cheaper non-eco version. The eco cost next to nothing to run so it's a super cheap way to stay cool and even if it is slightly expensive it's worth it if it means you feel better. Sometimes when you've had the fan on for too long, warm air circulates the room so if this happens, turn your fan off for 5-10 minutes and let it all settle, then turn it back on and feel the coooooooooolness. You can also freeze a bottle of water then place it in front of the fan and it will give an extra chill.
Sorry about the mess, we're collecting things for our own home!


Funny Mondays: Never work with children or animals

We have grown very fond of the jokideo website, it's got pictures, videos, games, jokes, everything you could wish for! It's really great for people with M.E as there's something to everyone's taste and it never fails to make you laugh with glee. So today's Funny Monday is a tribute to jokideo and once you finish this post, head on over and have a chuckle.


Bake of the week! 14/07/2013

We've got a working oven again! So normality resumes, and boy, do we have a recipe for you. We were looking for one that we could have as snacks to start with, but this recipe is so versatile and can be had with loads of things. It makes Laura GGRRRAAAAHUUUWWWHHHHHHAAAAA, like the tango advert, it makes her feel strong. Are you ready?

Yep, Granola. It has lots of goodness in, and you can add or takeaway ingredients at your hearts desire. Me and Laura will be filling up our granola jar with new combinations every time we've demolished the previous batch. And it's so cheap! We got the idea from a reader who also suffers from M.E, her mum helps her make granola and we thought we'd give it a whirl. Laura trawled through the depths of the internet to find a basic granola recipe that we could put our own spin on. She did an amazing job because it's the best granola that both of us have ever had. We got it from Kitchen Treaty, an awesome food blog. It's written by Karen, a vegetarian who is in a relationship with a meat-eater. Just like us they adapt around each others eating preferences and work really hard to get their meals just right.

It's super easy to make, just bung the ingredients together in a big bowl, mix, then bake! For ours, i took away a cup of nuts/seeds and substituted it with an added cup of fruit because i didn't feel like there was enough. The Granola uses super cheap ingredients so you can keep it topped up at all times. Or, if you want to splash out on some extravagant dried fruit, yoghurt covered delights or large assortment of nuts you can do that too. It's much cheaper than buying granola from a super market, it has no hidden sugars and it's completely healthy. As we said before, its very versatile. We've already had it on it's own as a bedtime snack, and with milk or yoghurt for breakfast. But you could have it with ice cream as a healthy topping, in a crumble mix, or make it into a flapjack (with extra honey or golden syrup). 

If you haven't noticed, we're a bit in love with this Granola. And you can tell it's good because I doesn't like anything healthy, so Laura's pleased! You can find the recipe here. Happy baking!

Adios Amigos

Laura       &       Michael

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Who's that girl? It's Jess!

I hope you're ready for this. We're going to throw a bomb full of excitement your way...

Now, those of you that have seen this know exactly what the deal is, but for those of you that don't... you haven't lived yet! There's only a few shows that Me and Laura eagerly wait to watch every week without fail. It devours our full attention for that half an hour where we're transported to a land of crazy-awesomeness that always leaves us wanting more! And more and more and more! We sit there and laugh ourselves silly, rewinding our favorite bits to laugh at time and time again.


Funny Mondays: As if by magic

First, we've got a picture from iwastesomuchtime.com which our friend with M.E recommended and found (thank you). We're gonna try this out ourselves and post the results soon!

 And here's a little joke:


Bake of the week... Or not?

We know you were all ready to delve into our latest baking adventure, but alas, the oven broke! So no bake this week. Don't worry though, Mum went out and bought a new one pretty quickly so the usual will resume next week, and tbh the old oven was 15 years old! However, whilst we are watching the Wimbledon final (EXCITING), we thought we would share with you a baking cheat.



A bread maker. The secret to fresh home made bread in no time at all, and barely any effort. All you do is whack in the ingredients and set the timer. Me and Laura love fresh bread, the smell, the texture and the taste. In fact, Laura won't eat any unless it's home made. Everything about it is better, we wouldn't be without it and when we move out this will be the first thing we'll buy. They're not too expensive either, the ingredients cost nothing and in the long run you save a lot of money.

We highly recommend one, especially for people with M.E, because there's no work but you still get a loooovely loaf of bread.

Adios Amigos

Laura      &       Michael

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Tip #1

Migraine head pads- When you have a headache, migraine or eye pain just pop one of these on your forehead and it will help take some of the pain away. We always have a pack of these in our bedside cabinet so that they're ready to use at any point.

Adios Amigos

Laura       &       Michael

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Funny Mondays: Fishpack

This weeks we've got 2 pictures for you. They both made us chuckle and they're both from a funny website where we always look at to get most of our Funny Monday pictures. It's a good website for people with M.E to look at, it's something different that will make you laugh. It's got pictures, videos and games, so something for everyone. Take a look here.

Easiest sixpack, ever.

Adios Amigos

Laura       &       Michael

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