Bake of the week! 14/07/2013

We've got a working oven again! So normality resumes, and boy, do we have a recipe for you. We were looking for one that we could have as snacks to start with, but this recipe is so versatile and can be had with loads of things. It makes Laura GGRRRAAAAHUUUWWWHHHHHHAAAAA, like the tango advert, it makes her feel strong. Are you ready?

Yep, Granola. It has lots of goodness in, and you can add or takeaway ingredients at your hearts desire. Me and Laura will be filling up our granola jar with new combinations every time we've demolished the previous batch. And it's so cheap! We got the idea from a reader who also suffers from M.E, her mum helps her make granola and we thought we'd give it a whirl. Laura trawled through the depths of the internet to find a basic granola recipe that we could put our own spin on. She did an amazing job because it's the best granola that both of us have ever had. We got it from Kitchen Treaty, an awesome food blog. It's written by Karen, a vegetarian who is in a relationship with a meat-eater. Just like us they adapt around each others eating preferences and work really hard to get their meals just right.

It's super easy to make, just bung the ingredients together in a big bowl, mix, then bake! For ours, i took away a cup of nuts/seeds and substituted it with an added cup of fruit because i didn't feel like there was enough. The Granola uses super cheap ingredients so you can keep it topped up at all times. Or, if you want to splash out on some extravagant dried fruit, yoghurt covered delights or large assortment of nuts you can do that too. It's much cheaper than buying granola from a super market, it has no hidden sugars and it's completely healthy. As we said before, its very versatile. We've already had it on it's own as a bedtime snack, and with milk or yoghurt for breakfast. But you could have it with ice cream as a healthy topping, in a crumble mix, or make it into a flapjack (with extra honey or golden syrup). 

If you haven't noticed, we're a bit in love with this Granola. And you can tell it's good because I doesn't like anything healthy, so Laura's pleased! You can find the recipe here. Happy baking!

Adios Amigos

Laura       &       Michael

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