Bake of the week... Or not?

We know you were all ready to delve into our latest baking adventure, but alas, the oven broke! So no bake this week. Don't worry though, Mum went out and bought a new one pretty quickly so the usual will resume next week, and tbh the old oven was 15 years old! However, whilst we are watching the Wimbledon final (EXCITING), we thought we would share with you a baking cheat.



A bread maker. The secret to fresh home made bread in no time at all, and barely any effort. All you do is whack in the ingredients and set the timer. Me and Laura love fresh bread, the smell, the texture and the taste. In fact, Laura won't eat any unless it's home made. Everything about it is better, we wouldn't be without it and when we move out this will be the first thing we'll buy. They're not too expensive either, the ingredients cost nothing and in the long run you save a lot of money.

We highly recommend one, especially for people with M.E, because there's no work but you still get a loooovely loaf of bread.

Adios Amigos

Laura      &       Michael

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