Jumping for July.

It's time again for another monthly round-up of all the films we've watched. In this one there seems to be a lot of fighting, smashing and killing, perfect. We do have one film that's not and boy it's a good 'un. Have a look, take your pick and enjoy.

Life of Pi
Wow. This film was amazing, and we could leave it there really. It's really super rare that me and Laura sit down and actually enjoy a drama, but this one completely won us over. They make the film so beautiful and Laura couldn't even tell that the Tiger wasn't real! Bless her... This would be a good film to watch with kids, i'm sure it would keep them quiet for a bit, it would probably stop a crying baby from screaming, if you get where we're coming from. It's a very emotional film and will be tugging at your heartstrings. Just look at the pretty Tiger!


Oz the Great and Powerful
Everyone loves a bit of Disney, especially Laura, so we already had high hopes going in with this one. There was a big hype around this film (especially after this interview; Chris is a legend) when it first came out, so we were excited to see what all the fuss was about. It's a very complex storyline. Mila Kunis and James Franco play their characters very well, they keep you thinking through the whole film, trying to predict their next move. We're crazy about the monkey, who doesn't love a monkey? We can't really point out anything that's wrong with the film, but it doesn't quite have that WOW factor for us.


Another typical Jason Statham film, fighting, shooting... Pow pow! Although it has a little less of this than usual with slightly more story. But, as usual there's always the pretty woman by his side, this time in the form of Jennifer Lopez. Normally we think that everyone should stick to their own art, hers being singing, but she just about gets away with this. If we're honest, less action and more drama is what let the film down, Jason Statham works best with less lines and more kicking the shit out of people. Because they tried to balance them, neither one was up to scratch. It's still an ok film if you just want to stick one on that you don't have to pay much attention to.


Red Dawn
Christ Hemsworth has been doing quite well for himself lately, and this film continues the success. Not many people agree with us though (silly critics) just click on the picture and see. But for us, this is film cupboard worthy, it's the best small guy vs big guy film we've seen in a while, it even has a decent story line. It's an easy watch that has just enough drama to keep you interested with not too many confusing aspects. Basically, it's a good film!


G.I. Joe: Retaliation
It's an all out action film. It's shamelessly in your face, throwing ninja's, helicopters, and big muscles straight at you. You're not going to be watching this to find out anyone's inner thoughts and reasons behind their actions. They try to tell you, but... no. There's moments where you think "they'll explain that later / they'll expand on that later" but it never happens. Still good for a Saturday night with pizza. If you liked the first one, you'll like this one too.


Life of Pi was our favorite film this month, completely blowing our minds. We're sorry there's not more reviews but we haven't watched many movies this month, we'll bring you lots for August though! We got all the pictures from Rotten Tomatoes, the best movie review site on the web.

Adios Amigos

Laura       &       Michael

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