Mr Heat and his hairy feet

We're just popping in to say hello, to give you an update of what's going on in the lives of .. us! Good stuff first? Right, Laura's little sister has just left school and her prom was Tuesday, we couldn't go round because Laura's too ill but her step-mum took loads of pictures so that Laura could be a part of it. Wow, she looked amazing and really posh (which Georgia is really not..). Here's a picture of her and her boyfriend.

Laura's hair has been a mahussive problem with the heat monster that's been squatting in our room. It gathers around her neck where her hair is bundled up and doesn't let go. We decided a couple of weeks ago that she needed it cut, however she can't just go out and get it trimmed when needed, so i found some mobile hairdressers online then Laura picked one and sent her an email. Oh boy, we picked well. The hairdresser had a family member with M.S so she understood the problems that we faced. We were going to get her hair cut in our bedroom but we decided it was too dark and small so i took her downstairs, padded out her wheelchair and sat in the kitchen. That's the first time Laura's ever had a proper hair cut, the hairdresser was so quick too (Laura had a lot of hair to cut off so it could've taken hours). We were super happy with the result so she's a keeper.

Also it's Laura's brother's 17th birthday very soon. We got his birthday stuff sorted 3 months ago (Laura's super organised). We're just worried that he'll be able to drive, he'll be one of those people doing his hair in the rear view mirror.. god help us all. Moving on, we've been trying to get a car sorted for some time now and it's being a much bigger pain than we thought it would. People taking our details wrong, time limits, people being slow getting paperwork sorted, arrgghhhh. However we're on the last leg so it shouldn't be long now before I can vroom vroom Laura round. *Fingers crossed*

Adios Amigos

Laura       &       Michael

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