Who's that girl? It's Jess!

I hope you're ready for this. We're going to throw a bomb full of excitement your way...

Now, those of you that have seen this know exactly what the deal is, but for those of you that don't... you haven't lived yet! There's only a few shows that Me and Laura eagerly wait to watch every week without fail. It devours our full attention for that half an hour where we're transported to a land of crazy-awesomeness that always leaves us wanting more! And more and more and more! We sit there and laugh ourselves silly, rewinding our favorite bits to laugh at time and time again.
"What is this?" We hear you cry?
Well, it follows the story of a quirky schoolteacher, with a model for a best friend, who moves into a loft apartment with three unique but equally crazy guys. Jess, the main character, is an overly friendly sweet nearly 30 year old who sees no wrong in anyone, being an innocent and endearing girl who would do anything for anyone. Then there's Nick, the old man of the group who hasn't quite 'found' himself' yet. He's constantly breaking stuff by trying to fix it including his love life. Next, Winston, the most together of the group, but not without his problems, mainly with the ladies. I suppose all these characters are looking for love but not really finding it... yet. There's also Cece (pronounced sea-sea), the beautiful glamorous model who gets all the guys panting. She's a bit muddled, finding it hard to stay in a proper relationship but she's always got Jess' back. Last but not least, Schmidt, where to start with Schmidt? He's a the funniest, saying the weirdest things out of nowhere that always has us in fits. Schmidt is a ladies man but regarded as a 'douche' by the group. He has a well paying job that means he often carries the group through money problems, however it makes him a tad arrogant.

The dynamic these character share makes for a very funny show that will have you smiling and laughing right 'til the end credits. Zooey Deschanel, who plays Jess, helps write the music for the series, this comes naturally as she's also part of the duo She & Him. Jess' also great business woman being one of the writers of the blog HelloGiggles, a blog directed at young women who need a bit of a pick-me-up. This carries through to the show, New Girl will always cheer you up, even after it's finished you won't be able to stop talking about it.

The second season is on a Tuesday night at 9pm on E4. If you haven't seen it though you can buy the first series for a relatively cheap price here (or if just want to watch it over and over again). You need to watch this!

Adios Amigos

Laura       &       Michael

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