Peanut butter jelly time.

Seeing as it's getting a tad bit colder we thought it was about time that we did a pj post, and maybe 'cos Laura's birthday is coming up...


When you have severe M.E it's good to be comfy, saying that, even if not. But, when you get to Laura's stage of M.E pyjamas are everyday clothes, what's the point of buying clothes that aren't comfy in bed or that you can't wear? So, now Laura just buys pj's most of the time, and as you can see there's some really cool ones out there. To be honest though, Topshop is the best place to get pyjamas that are really different, a little expensive but a treat is a treat. Laura's favorite is the monster pyjama set, that face is how she feels some days!

Adios Amigos

Laura       &       Michael

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Funny Mondays: Bless the elderly.

The things the elderly say, always have us cracking up. Laura's crazy for them! If you're ever out and about and like to people watch, they're normally the best.

This next part of funny Monday comes from a friend of ours, she sent it to Laura to cheer her up, and it did!

Walking up to the counter in a fabric shop, a pretty girl asks “How much does this material cost?” “Only one kiss per yard”, replies the smirking male assistant. “That’s fine” she replies, “I’ll take 10 yards”. With anticipation, the sales assistant hurriedly measures out the fabric and holds it out teasingly. The girl snaps it up and points to a little old man standing beside her. “Grandpa will pay the bill” she smiles.

Adios Amigos
Laura       &       Michael

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Bake of the week! 25/08/2013

Me and Laura have been dying to try a recipe using coconut oil, so when i found some in our local health shop i had to snap it up. First of all, it smells divine. The flavour is a bit odd on it's own but if you like it, it would be good on toast. It really stands out when you put it in a recipe, it lifts the whole thing. Laura's an avid follower of Averie Cooks, a baking blog that we take a lot of inspiration from. Even if you don't make her recipes, just take a look at all the gorgeous food pictures, Yum! The recipe this week is from her blog, Coconut Oil White Chocolate Cookies. Take a look.

I changed the recipe a little, the all-purpose flour was whole meal and i used only white sugar (thats all i had) so they look a little different. But the taste is by no means dampened, or the smell! Because i made them with white sugar, they get a bit rich so i wouldn't recommend doing that. Follow Averie Cooks recipe, not mine! They smell amazing though, if you could bottle it i would buy it.

Even though i changed the recipe a little, they still turned out great and ill be making them again in no time. They're super simple to make and the hardest bit is not eating the dough!

Adios Amigos

Laura       &       Michael

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OMG! It's a LUSH parcel.

This might be a bit of a weird post, but as soon as Laura's lovely LUSH parcel came through the door this morning we knew it had to be today's post. If you've been following, you'll know that Laura LOVES LUSH and all that they stand for. I'm sure together they'll solve every eco-crisis. But more importantly, save all the little fluffies. Now, everyone knows that LUSH do everything they can to re-use and recycle every tiny thing, just look at the Sexy Peel Soap, using left over peel to make a whole new soap. And they don't stop there, every single bit of packaging is recyclable, have a look!

Best looking cardboard i've ever seen! It's a very sturdy box so it's very unlikely that your products will be damaged. A perfect way to tell this is when you order bath bombs, every time one has arrived, it's been in perfect condition with not a crack in sight. The little yellow sticker you see there shows you exactly who put your box together, they also have one on every item, a super nice personal touch.

Look at all the goodies, when you open the box these are all tightly packed underneath the little white ecoflo bits. It's like digging for gold, natural LUSH gold. These ecoflo bits are made of potato starch so instead of throwing them in the bin, you can add them to your compost bins or just around your flowers as it will quickly break down and share all it's goodness.

If you empty everything out of your box you'll be able to see all these little recycling tips for every single product written around the inner walls of the box. This is really handy and even the worst binner will find it hard to resist the lure of recycling.

This is a lovely surprise for anyone upon opening their parcel, but for someone as ill as Laura it's a little bit of sunshine. This time we had a free face mask which was lovely little addition and it gets us closer to handing over out pots for another free face mask! Who could resist free LUSH?

 Izzy likes it anyway!

If that doesn't make you want to order as many goodies as possible then i don't know what will.

Adios Amigos

Laura       &       Michael

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Funny Mondays: Every superhero has a bad side.

Both pictures are from Jokideo.com again this week. And yes, if you haven't noticed, we do love our superheroes!

We wish we could say that it's never happened to us...


Minions get it right everytime.

This is a mutant tomato from our garden that we wanted to share. We think Mickey Mouse paid it a visit...

Adios Amigos

Laura       &       Michael

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Bake of the week! 18/08/2013

Technically this isn't a bake.. Hopefully you can look past that and open your eyes to the yumminess. Laura's been really poorly this week so we needed a super quick bake(?). We saw this recipe on the blog 'Milk Bubble Tea' and it immediately stole our attention. It's a yummy chocolate bar full of all your favorite sweets!

This one is mine (Michael's) and it's absolutely fantastic. I looooooooooove sweets, we've always got a stash hidden away for me so i was super excited about this. I have Jelly tots, Skittles and Strawberry laces in Aldi white chocolate. Obviously the main taste is the chocolate so make sure to get one that you love. Keep it in the fridge and it will be perfect whenever you want a naughty treat.

Since Laura's gone vegan, everything in her bar is as you guessed, vegan! She has Jelly tots, Haribo stars and little blackcurrant chews. The white chocolate is a dairy free one that we found online, it's not great on it's own but with the sweeties you'll nom it all up without knowing the difference.

You can find the recipe here. Go on, we know you want to...

Adios Amigos

Laura       &       Michael

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Whizzing for Izzy.

We've just had such a lovely week so we thought we'd share it with you. Laura's family went to Devon for a week to stay in a caravan at their favorite holiday destination so we had a little time to our own and our crazy Izzy to stay. And yes, i do mean crazy. So, we've got some photo's to show you all, we hope you're all dog lovers too!

See that treat on her paw? She won't touch it until we say so, but she does try to use the eyes.

These are 'the eyes', everyone falls for it. Every time.

 Izzy's so good with Laura, she's really gentle and always seems to know when Laura's in pain.

 Laura's her favorite.

 But Laura thinks i am.

We wrestle and chase like looneys to hopefully ware her out!

Isn't she beautiful?

I did Laura's nails for her, this is just a nude nail polish with some stickers that she got for 99p off of Ebay, they're really good.

So, our week was a snuggly Izzy fest and we loved it. Next week, we can have her for a few days again and one of Laura's brothers is going away for 10 days, so it will be nice and quiet for a change. You'll be getting a lot more pictures from now on too... We've got a new camera! I know, at last. So hopefully you don't mind seeing our ugly mugs a bit more. And we've got a lot of big things in the next month so you'll get a bigger insight into our life and loves.

Adios Amigos

Laura       &       Michael

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Funny Mondays: Kids are more dangerous than Velociraptors.

Sunday night is now spent looking through Pinterest looking for the best pictures to share with you, and it definitely cheers us up. This first one is a bit mean but so awesome!

 Laura wishes someone had done that to her brother.

Picture from iwastesomuchtime.com
Every workplace should have one of these, but a lot of people would be banned from work
....bloody dinosaurs!

Adios Amigos

Laura       &       Michael

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Bake of the week! 11/08/2013

Seeing as we demolished the last batch of granola, we thought it was about time to make some more. This time we thought we'd push the boat out and make two different flavours, one being a little more extravagant than the other. 
Make the granola as you would have in our basic recipe, but half the oats into separate bowls and add the different nuts and seeds to each one. Do the same with the wet mixture so you can add spices (e.g. cinnamon) accordingly. Then once out of the oven just add whatever fruits and flavours to each one, and tadaa! You have two different flavoured granola's ready to devour.

Lemon and Blueberry Granola

This is a very rich and sweet granola packed with a punch. The oats are mixed with chopped almonds and pumpkin seeds then i zested three lemons and juiced one before putting the mixture into the oven, so the lemon would cook into the oats. Once out of the oven i chucked in dried blueberries, dried cherries and yoghurt covered raspberries (Laura removed the raspberries because they're dairy). Yum Yum.
'Shove it all in' Granola

This granola does what it says on the tin, and it's bloody lovely. It's Laura's favorite type of granola and incredibly good for you. At all stages we just stuffed it full of.. stuff. So this recipe is good for using up whatever you have left. It's got chopped walnuts, chopped almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and some other seed that i have no idea what they were. With the wet mixture i added a good teaspoon of cinnamon to warm your belly. Once out of the oven i added dried cherries, dried cranberries, raisins and cinnamon infused apple and raisin bits. Scrumptious.

Adios Amigos

Laura       &       Michael

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I whip my hair back and forth...

Today we're going to show you how we wash Laura's hair, which is no easy feat! We don't know how any other M.E minions do it, but this is the best way we've found. It involves 2 people (not including Laura, duh!) and we do it once a week as Laura has quite oily hair. 

You will need; 2 servants, 2 buckets, 1 jug, water, shampoo and conditioner at your preference.

Step 1: Lay across the bed so your head is hanging off one side like below and make sure you have something to put the clean water on next to the bed and have an empty bucket under your head, you might need something to raise it up so your room doesn't start swimming.

Step 2: Get one person to hold your neck and head up (that's my job!) and have someone else to do the washing, as shown down there.  

Step 3: Get the washer to use a jug and wet your hair with the clean water, the excess water that comes off will go into the bucket below your head. The washer will only be using the clean water.

Step 4: Now get the washer to lather your hair in your favorite shampoo, then pour the clean water over to wash out the shampoo. The dirty water will go into the bucket below your head so be careful not to put your now clean hair into it.

Ta daa! We also like to leave Laura's hair wet as it keeps her cool.

Yes you're right! You can indeed see the LUSH shampoo bar that we reviewed here.

If you have any other ways that you find easy, or have any questions, feel free to share below.

Adios Amigos

Laura       &       Michael

P.S. We've decided to call all the people with M.E, M.E minions, we love it!

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Funny Mondays: Everyone has a soft side.

We spent last night looking through Pinterest (we do this a lot!) and there are some funny, and weird, pictures out there. But, yet again, we've found the best.

And then world domination...


Bake of the week! 04/08/2013

Laura's been trying to eat more veggies and goodness instead of processed food that doesn't like her belly very much, at all... in any way. She eats really healthy anyway, but we're trying to get in more protein and less dairy and so in steps this recipe. It's a super healthy dark rye bread, high in vitamins but it's not top on the flavour front, for Laura at least. It's got molasses or black treacle in and Laura's not that keen on that, but we're sure most people would love it!

Taken with our new camera!

It's got sort of a bovril taste to it, a very deep flavour which means it would be good for soup, cheese on toast and those sorts of yummies. It's a bread maker recipe so it takes hardly any effort from yourself, the bread maker does all the hard work. So if you're curious give it a go!

Here's the recipe.
Adios Amigos

Laura      &       Michael

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Tip #2

Sign up to a magazine subscription, they're a life saver when you feel really ill, they're so easy to read and stop the boredom. We ask for ours as Birthday/Christmas presents, most cost around £25 so not too bad if you buy one yourself and it costs way less than if you bought a magazine from the local shop once a month. We have Cosmopolitan and Men's Health and we both read each others! There are so many options and we're looking at subscribing to a home one. All you have to do is type in the magazine you want and subscription to Google and loads of options will come up.

Photo from Men's Health website.

Adios Amigos

Laura       &       Michael

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