Bake of the week! 04/08/2013

Laura's been trying to eat more veggies and goodness instead of processed food that doesn't like her belly very much, at all... in any way. She eats really healthy anyway, but we're trying to get in more protein and less dairy and so in steps this recipe. It's a super healthy dark rye bread, high in vitamins but it's not top on the flavour front, for Laura at least. It's got molasses or black treacle in and Laura's not that keen on that, but we're sure most people would love it!

Taken with our new camera!

It's got sort of a bovril taste to it, a very deep flavour which means it would be good for soup, cheese on toast and those sorts of yummies. It's a bread maker recipe so it takes hardly any effort from yourself, the bread maker does all the hard work. So if you're curious give it a go!

Here's the recipe.
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