Bake of the week! 18/08/2013

Technically this isn't a bake.. Hopefully you can look past that and open your eyes to the yumminess. Laura's been really poorly this week so we needed a super quick bake(?). We saw this recipe on the blog 'Milk Bubble Tea' and it immediately stole our attention. It's a yummy chocolate bar full of all your favorite sweets!

This one is mine (Michael's) and it's absolutely fantastic. I looooooooooove sweets, we've always got a stash hidden away for me so i was super excited about this. I have Jelly tots, Skittles and Strawberry laces in Aldi white chocolate. Obviously the main taste is the chocolate so make sure to get one that you love. Keep it in the fridge and it will be perfect whenever you want a naughty treat.

Since Laura's gone vegan, everything in her bar is as you guessed, vegan! She has Jelly tots, Haribo stars and little blackcurrant chews. The white chocolate is a dairy free one that we found online, it's not great on it's own but with the sweeties you'll nom it all up without knowing the difference.

You can find the recipe here. Go on, we know you want to...

Adios Amigos

Laura       &       Michael

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