Bake of the week! 25/08/2013

Me and Laura have been dying to try a recipe using coconut oil, so when i found some in our local health shop i had to snap it up. First of all, it smells divine. The flavour is a bit odd on it's own but if you like it, it would be good on toast. It really stands out when you put it in a recipe, it lifts the whole thing. Laura's an avid follower of Averie Cooks, a baking blog that we take a lot of inspiration from. Even if you don't make her recipes, just take a look at all the gorgeous food pictures, Yum! The recipe this week is from her blog, Coconut Oil White Chocolate Cookies. Take a look.

I changed the recipe a little, the all-purpose flour was whole meal and i used only white sugar (thats all i had) so they look a little different. But the taste is by no means dampened, or the smell! Because i made them with white sugar, they get a bit rich so i wouldn't recommend doing that. Follow Averie Cooks recipe, not mine! They smell amazing though, if you could bottle it i would buy it.

Even though i changed the recipe a little, they still turned out great and ill be making them again in no time. They're super simple to make and the hardest bit is not eating the dough!

Adios Amigos

Laura       &       Michael

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