Funny Mondays: Bless the elderly.

The things the elderly say, always have us cracking up. Laura's crazy for them! If you're ever out and about and like to people watch, they're normally the best.

This next part of funny Monday comes from a friend of ours, she sent it to Laura to cheer her up, and it did!

Walking up to the counter in a fabric shop, a pretty girl asks “How much does this material cost?” “Only one kiss per yard”, replies the smirking male assistant. “That’s fine” she replies, “I’ll take 10 yards”. With anticipation, the sales assistant hurriedly measures out the fabric and holds it out teasingly. The girl snaps it up and points to a little old man standing beside her. “Grandpa will pay the bill” she smiles.

Adios Amigos
Laura       &       Michael

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