I whip my hair back and forth...

Today we're going to show you how we wash Laura's hair, which is no easy feat! We don't know how any other M.E minions do it, but this is the best way we've found. It involves 2 people (not including Laura, duh!) and we do it once a week as Laura has quite oily hair. 

You will need; 2 servants, 2 buckets, 1 jug, water, shampoo and conditioner at your preference.

Step 1: Lay across the bed so your head is hanging off one side like below and make sure you have something to put the clean water on next to the bed and have an empty bucket under your head, you might need something to raise it up so your room doesn't start swimming.

Step 2: Get one person to hold your neck and head up (that's my job!) and have someone else to do the washing, as shown down there.  

Step 3: Get the washer to use a jug and wet your hair with the clean water, the excess water that comes off will go into the bucket below your head. The washer will only be using the clean water.

Step 4: Now get the washer to lather your hair in your favorite shampoo, then pour the clean water over to wash out the shampoo. The dirty water will go into the bucket below your head so be careful not to put your now clean hair into it.

Ta daa! We also like to leave Laura's hair wet as it keeps her cool.

Yes you're right! You can indeed see the LUSH shampoo bar that we reviewed here.

If you have any other ways that you find easy, or have any questions, feel free to share below.

Adios Amigos

Laura       &       Michael

P.S. We've decided to call all the people with M.E, M.E minions, we love it!

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