OMG! It's a LUSH parcel.

This might be a bit of a weird post, but as soon as Laura's lovely LUSH parcel came through the door this morning we knew it had to be today's post. If you've been following, you'll know that Laura LOVES LUSH and all that they stand for. I'm sure together they'll solve every eco-crisis. But more importantly, save all the little fluffies. Now, everyone knows that LUSH do everything they can to re-use and recycle every tiny thing, just look at the Sexy Peel Soap, using left over peel to make a whole new soap. And they don't stop there, every single bit of packaging is recyclable, have a look!

Best looking cardboard i've ever seen! It's a very sturdy box so it's very unlikely that your products will be damaged. A perfect way to tell this is when you order bath bombs, every time one has arrived, it's been in perfect condition with not a crack in sight. The little yellow sticker you see there shows you exactly who put your box together, they also have one on every item, a super nice personal touch.

Look at all the goodies, when you open the box these are all tightly packed underneath the little white ecoflo bits. It's like digging for gold, natural LUSH gold. These ecoflo bits are made of potato starch so instead of throwing them in the bin, you can add them to your compost bins or just around your flowers as it will quickly break down and share all it's goodness.

If you empty everything out of your box you'll be able to see all these little recycling tips for every single product written around the inner walls of the box. This is really handy and even the worst binner will find it hard to resist the lure of recycling.

This is a lovely surprise for anyone upon opening their parcel, but for someone as ill as Laura it's a little bit of sunshine. This time we had a free face mask which was lovely little addition and it gets us closer to handing over out pots for another free face mask! Who could resist free LUSH?

 Izzy likes it anyway!

If that doesn't make you want to order as many goodies as possible then i don't know what will.

Adios Amigos

Laura       &       Michael

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