Peanut butter jelly time.

Seeing as it's getting a tad bit colder we thought it was about time that we did a pj post, and maybe 'cos Laura's birthday is coming up...


When you have severe M.E it's good to be comfy, saying that, even if not. But, when you get to Laura's stage of M.E pyjamas are everyday clothes, what's the point of buying clothes that aren't comfy in bed or that you can't wear? So, now Laura just buys pj's most of the time, and as you can see there's some really cool ones out there. To be honest though, Topshop is the best place to get pyjamas that are really different, a little expensive but a treat is a treat. Laura's favorite is the monster pyjama set, that face is how she feels some days!

Adios Amigos

Laura       &       Michael

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1 comment:

  1. Those monster PJ's are my fave! I want them :o
    My friend has M.E so I know exactly what you mean, bless her :)
    Chanlle Jade xx

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