A very special Birthday.

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Just a warning guys, this is going to be an awesome post!

All my amazing presents.
Friday the 13th was my 20th Birthday! 20! I really can't believe that, but i suppose all of you who have M.E will know what i mean. The time goes so bloody quick and sometimes you're left wondering where on earth it all went and what happened in that time. It's definitely odd to say i'm in my 20s now but i feel like things are looking up and these years are going to be the best ones yet (excuse the cheese). You might not agree but i'd much rather be ill and happy than well and miserable and at the moment i am definitely the first! I might be the worst i ever have health wise but i am so bloody happy.

My Birthday was such a lovely day, although i am extremely knackered now! I woke up to Michael giving me presents and opening all my cards, then he made me some delicious vegan pancakes filled with the vegan lemon curd my Mum made me as a little present. We spent the rest of the morning snuggling and chatting, what more could a girl want? Mum came home at 2 to give me her pressies and we had a good ol' sniff fest with my LUSH goodies. Then, my siblings drifted through starting with my youngest brother and sister coming round after school, Ashleigh-Paige is growing into a mini me of The Only Way Is Essex (God help us!). We had a really nice time talking to my younger brother, Bradley, for a good couple of hours. I have to say, he is like the mirror image of Michael, it's quite scary how similar they are, Bradley even came round in an outfit made up of all Michael's hand-me-downs! Later Terri (my other mother) came round for tea with my favourite (i'm allowed, it's my Birthday) sister who sat on my bed chatting for hours, i'm just saying that girl could talk the hind legs off a donkey. But, my Birthday didn't end there, yesterday we had Izzy to stay over night, having a lot of snuggles and kisses! And we even saw our best friend's parents for a couple of hours which was really nice.

I'm one of those annoying people that doesn't ever ask for presents, i can honestly say i am so happy just to be with everyone i love. But, no-one listens to me, as usual, so i thought i'd show you what i was given.

On the left i have all my best cards, one from Michael, Ryan, Mum and Kym. They're all so thoughtful and lovely, and yes, i did cry. Those made my day. I've got a pretty dress that Mum bought me and a gorgeous watch from Michael, about time i actually found the time out for myself rather than 'Michael! What's the time?!' over and over again. Now, on the right we have some controversy. A leather bag! Now, before you all start booing hear me out. I've always wanted a simple bag that i can hand down the generations, i never had anything like that but i know i would've loved it so that's what i'm doing. But, i promise this is my last piece of cow. End. Of. I have the most softest, comfiest, snuggly, cardigan ever from Mum, i'll be living in that this winter, just try not to get it messy. My canvas is so lovely and it means a lot to me, it's Pinnochio and it's now hanging above my bed so i can peek a look all the time.

LUSH. My Mum went to their store last weekend to get me a collection of their offerings and boy, am i glad! Michael also got me the biggest perfume bottle i've ever seen, but i'm pretty sure it won't last long. So, expect some reviews over the next month or so. And, we'll have a few more posts like this over the next few weeks as we've got a lot going on. I'll put the names/links of all my presents at the bottom of the post so you can all have a little look.

Finally... WE HAVE A CAR!!! It's super comfy and perfect for little trips out. This means so much to us, i can finally get out of the house without needing about 20 people to help (maybe a slight exaggeration) but it means i can go out for 10 mins, even if it's only once a month. I'm definitely looking forward to taking the dogs to a little field and watching them run wild from the comfort of
the car.

Adios Amigos

Laura       &       Michael

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