Bake of the week! 01/09/2013

'Wowyummytummyfuckinglushperfectsupersweetamazingmichaelsmagiccrazystuff' is what Laura thinks about this weeks bake. I wanted to bake something for Laura that had her favorite things in, even though i didn't like them! So i found Pistachio Cupcakes and made my own raspberry jam icing to create the perfect combination. I had to make a few tweaks to the recipe because Laura's vegan, but we have good substitutes and they came out brilliantly.

I changed the normal flour to wholemeal flour which made the texture of the cake similar to carrot cake (another of Laura's favorites). Also, because she's vegan i couldn't use egg so we used No Egg from Holland and Barrett, which is really good once you get used to the consistency. I didn't use the icing on the recipe because it wasn't special enough. So i made it with some raspberry jam! You don't use solely jam just mix up a batch of thick water icing (icing sugar and water) then mix about a tablespoon of raspberry jam through it. Yum.

Adios Amigos

Laura       &       Michael

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