Bake of the week! 15/09/2013

This weeks bake of the week is a bit of a special one because... It was Laura's birthday! So it's obviously her Birthday cake. Laura says it the best ever! But i'm not so sure... Don't get me wrong, the cake itself tastes absolutely amazing, it's the best lemon cake that's ever existed, ever in the multiverse, since the beginning of time, ever. But i didn't want to give her a normal cake so i tried to... sculpt it? This wasn't a good idea.

As you can see, it just fell apart. The cake has a really loose crumb and when i stabbed at it trying to make it into a star it couldn't take the pain. Laura loved it though! With the excess cake i squidged them into balls and put them into the fridge overnight to firm up. Then the next day i dipped some in vegan white chocolate, and some in lemon icing. Needless to say, everyone likes balls ;) 

You can get the recipe for this divine cake here, and impress everyone with it. Because Laura's vegan i have to adapt most recipes and had to use an egg substitute, but it made no difference to the scrumminess. Bouncer will tell you!

Adios Amigos

Laura       &       Michael

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