Bake of the week! 22/09/2013

Laura's been fancying a good crumble for some time now and i just didn't get around to making one, so i thought i'd change that and make one using her very favorite fruit... Raspberries! She goes crazy for them. If i ever come home with raspberries, they're gone in about 40 seconds. To bulk out the crumble i found a recipe with apples too, lovely. Here it is.

I halved the amount of ingredients because it seemed a lot for just two people to me. I also added a handful of oats to the topping mixture because i think it adds a nice crunch. Lots of textures are good! Also, you don't have to use fresh raspberries, i let frozen ones half defrost and it worked fantastically.  We had ours with ice cream and custard (separate occasions of course) which works so well with crumble.

Adios Amigos

Laura       &       Michael

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