Red Ranger.

I'm (Laura) back to do a little post about someone a bit special. Ryan, our bestie, is moving to Australia on Tuesday, lucky for some! We're really excited for him, but it will be weird him not being 5 minutes down the road. So, i know he tries reads every single one of our posts so i thought this would be a little surprise.

I've known Ryan forever! Since we were bubbas so we've never been very far apart, and he's like a brother to me. We met when he lived opposite my Nan's house and from then on we were always together playing all our weird little games, e.g nipple cups (i won't go into that!). Ryan was so little and sweet, to be honest he hasn't changed one bit, which you can probably see from the photos.

Me and Ryan spent all our time playing... Power Rangers, Barbie, Polly Pockets, Disney Princess, Rosie & Jim and Tiny Tots Tv. All the 90's kids will know what i mean. We were already such good friends, and then my Mum started to look after him while his Mum worked. You'd think that we would have got pissed off with each other, but i never did, not sure about him though but hey ho.

We weren't always together but it didn't matter, we've always been best friends. We started our secondary school (when i met Michael) and a lot of crap happened at this point but Ryan never changed towards me which was really good for me at that point. Me and Ryan had always been in the same classes throughout school and when we picked our GCSE's 3 out of our 4 subjects were the same. And thinking about it we always got pretty similar results in every single thing!

And if it wasn't for him me and Michael wouldn't have known each other. So, thanks Ryan! When i started to get ill but Ryan and Michael would come round to see me, and cheer me up singing 'I Gotta Feeling' by The Black Eyed Peas, bless.

Since i had M.E everyone gradually stopped talking to me or caring but never with Ryan, even if we hadn't seen each other in months as soon as we see him it's just back to normal. He's also the only other person than Michael that understands me e.g. Michael was always pulling sickies at college and everyone was saying 'Laura you're so lucky' Ryan said 'doesn't it piss you off when you're ill coming to college and he's fine sat at home?'. It was nice to feel noticed.

He's got so many friends and everyone loves him to bits but we always say we're best friends, i got there first! All it takes is a few drinks and he's telling me how much he loves us :) Ryan even promised he'd wear a dress at our wedding, and i'm going to absolutely hold him to that.  He's my little Ryan and i would do anything for him and if Australia is what he wants that's cool with me. I'll look after your Mum too, promise. Good Luck.

We love you Red Ranger

Adios Amigos

Laura       &       Michael

ps. Excuse the cheese, i'm allowed.

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