The best day of the year.

This is a post written by Laura.

Warning: Excess soppiness.

Woah. 4 years. That doesn't sound enough though, it feels like we've been together forever. To be honest, i really can't remember life without Michael and i wouldn't want to either. People laugh at us, but we've been told by my younger brothers and sisters that they want to be like us and i love it. Anyone who knows us will tell you we're tied to each other, every second we're apart is unbearable and we miss one another if Michael goes to cook lunch! So. So. Awful. Every movement is revolved around him as his are me, we definitely love a good snuggle. In fact, if we haven't had time for a proper snuggle all day then we're both quite grumpy (this sounds crazy but oh well). So, as a little present for my man i thought i'd do a little *I love you for* post especially for him. So, here goes.

I Love You For:

  • the way you look at me.
  • how gentle and kind you are.
  • wrapping me up away from the world.
  • your crazy amounts of passion.
  • the fire in your body.
  • being the only one who can make me properly laugh.
  • never giving up.
  • worrying about me 24/7.
  • looking after me day in day out.
  • loving me, warts and all.
  • holding my hand through everything.
  • making me smile as soon as i open my eyes.
  • always trying your hardest.
  • being the weirdest person i've ever met.
  • doing all the crap stuff.
  • how you look after our animals.
  • growing up.
  • loving only me.
  • making everything fun.
  • telling me i'm beautiful a thousand times a day.
  • the way you make my heart pound.
  • being with me for the rest of our lives.
I know that last one's going to happen. People say anything could happen but they're not like us, everyone finds it weird how close we are, how we never argue and spend every second of every day together. It's what works for us, we can't be apart and nobody and nothing can change that. I love him with all my heart and i know he feels the same, i see it in his eyes every time i catch him staring at me. You can't change a love like that. So, Michael, here's to infinity and beyond!

I Love You.

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