Bake of the week! 13/10/2013

We would just like to say sorry for the lack of posts lately, Laura's been really poorly and we're getting a new blog design which we can't wait to show you! It will be worth it, promise. But back to the bake... To be totally honest, this is our most unsuccessful bake, but we still wanted to show you as with a few tweaks it could be great. The bake is Pull-apart Pistachio and Chilli Bread. bread from Chop It Like It's Hot.

Laura wasn't particularly keen on the taste of the bread although she said it smells lush! Unfortunatly not much of it got eaten, it just wasn't amazing, even for me. Still, if you like a peppery taste and something nice to dip in soups, it's not a bad way to go. Also, don't be afraid to cook it for longer than the recipe says, i cooked it for double the time and they were still a little doughy inside. So overall, not our favorite bake, it's up to you to try it or not!

Adios Amigos

Laura       &       Michael

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