Bake of the week! 27/10/2013

We've been bad, very bad bloggers. But, we are back and we're going to be smacking you straight in the face with all of our exciting blog posts coming soon. So, on to the bake... If you've watched The Great British Bake Off final (and saw that the lovely Francis won!) then you will now know that decoration is the key, after all we do eat with our eyes. This week we've got a little Halloween treat to share with you from Laura's mum and it's all about the icing, although spooky cookie cutters come in handy.

These are so easy to make and are so great to make with little brothers/sisters or children. All you need is a basic shortbread recipe, some cookie cutters (you could use a knife and go freehand) and water icing. Delicious.

Laura       &       Michael

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