Funny Mondays: Oh hell!

It's incredible how many jokes you can find about hell, but i'd much rather go to heaven, thanks. To be honest though, walking down the street sometimes you'd think hell is up here. 
Found on cranked.me
This is another joke sent by our lovely friend with M.E to try to cheer Laura up, bless her. It did make us chuckle.

Three men went to Hell. On arrival, the Devil says "You have come to Hell and now you must choose to spend eternity in room one, two, or three." He then opens the door to the three rooms. Room one was filled with men standing on their heads on a hard wooden floor. Room two was filled with men standing on their heads on a concrete floor. Room three had just a few men standing up to their knees in manure and drinking coffee. The men thought for a while and decided to go with Room three as it was less crowded and at least they could drink coffee. They entered the door and as it closed behind them the Devil said "Okay men, coffee break's over- back on your heads".

Laura       &       Michael

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