Oh, how time flies.

September has a rather large amount of film reviews because we forgot to fill you in with August's goodies, oops! So because of that we're only going to write a quick summary of each films and what we would mark it out of 10.

This a cut above the rest in the rom-com scene, and those of you who don't know, we have a bit of a hatred for rom-com films... So this is a big compliment! It's easy to watch and has a lot of humor, so good for a duvet day.


Magic.....Magic....Magic...Magic...Magic...No, really, it is. Give it a watch.


Not the best, Nuff said. If there's absolutely nothing else on, then by all means give it a go. But Mark Wahlberg films have been lacking substance lately, boo.


 This has a very good story line, just when you think it's all going to be hunky dory    BAM        a new twist. Oh, and there's zombies which makes a bloody good watch.



I think everyone's guessed by now we love a good superhero, and boy does this deliver. If i'm being super critical i would have liked just a tad more actual Iron Man but it's cool to delve into Tony Stark a little more.


This film's a great twist on the ol' vampire story, really freshening it up and a mile away from twilight. But then nothing really stands out and makes you go 'Wow'. Laura liked the back story and how they incorporated it in the film.


What shall we say? This film's a true mind fuck, and hard to imagine it was pretty much a true story. If any of you are into psychology (Laura) or want to know how the Milgram experiment works in real life, then this film's for you.


We're normally pretty good at guessing how films go, but this one has lots of twisty turns that kept us guessing. We don't want to give too much away so just go watch it.


To be honest, this wasn't great but it was watchable for a late night with sweeties. We wouldn't recommend you rush out and get yourself a copy, but if it comes your way then go for it.


This film was no where near as bad as the ratings suggested. Cool concept with lots of hacking and slashing, the perfect afternoon film for us.


This is a great film, in fact, it's now at the top of Laura's favorite films list. Billy Connolly adds a real warmth and a lot of giggles. It's also cool to know that all the supporting cast had true connections to the opera.


One of the closest translations from cover to screen that we've seen. If Laura hadn't explained at the start it could have been a little confusing, just try to look past the cheesiness. A very good concept.


Not all is what it seems. If you're feeling very tired, keep away from this movie, Laura can vouch for that! It dragged a little and didn't really blow our minds.


Another film based on a true story, all about a paralysed man who goes to see a sex surrogate to find out about the sexual side of life. Those of you who are a bit prude, move on. But those of you wanting a movie full of heart, should definitely give it a try.


We weren't that impressed with this film to be honest. There's plenty more and many better action films out there that will quench your thirst.


The rating are all wrong for this one! We thought it was a bloody good film and Gerard Butler plays the hero very well. Has plenty of action and left us sitting on the edge of our seats.


They really do make the Star Trek films well, very good just like the first. This one had a lot more heart but no numbing of the action, thank god! And who doesn't love Spock?!


This sails straight into our film cupboard. A very well thought out look into the gangsters life in the 40's. Plenty of slick action and beautiful clothing.


Our top 3 movies of the past couple of months are:
The Quartet
Olympus Has Fallen
World War Z


Adios Amigos

Laura       &       Michael

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