2. Christmas bake of the week! 24/11/2013

 The key is in the name: Rudolph's Carrot Flapjacks. December is in a week, and we're definitely whacking that tree up! This is Laura time of year to turn into a real foodie, what more could you want than cinnamon, mulled wine and lots of custard? This week is a slightly healthier Christmas bake that would be perfect after stuffing yourself silly for a few days. Thank god for BBC Good Food.

The recipe was super simple and easy to follow so you won't be needing to slave away in the kitchen for amazing results. We added some water icing to ours to top up the sugary sweetness, yum. Laura loved it, that's all i can say.


  1. I'm all for easy baking, so I can spend more time eating! These seem amazing! I might have to give them a go. I hope Laura is feeling the best she can right now.

    Emma Xx

  2. There are so many food blogs around, but these photos are so fantastic and they sound just yum yum yum! I REALLY want to try them, I love carrot cake and I LOVE flapjack! Keep up the pro blogging, lovely xxx

    1. That means a lot coming from someone with a blog like yours!