Bake of the week! 03/11/2013

Yum yum, in our tums! This weeks bake is glorious, crazy sh*t. Yes, it's a little more complicated than usual but it's well worth the wait and if you're like us then they'll be gone is less time than it took to make. Cinnamon Rolls! Another wonderful recipes from Averie's blog, although compared to hers ours are looking a little lack luster.

They taste and smell just like you would find in your good ol' local bakery, except you've got a load more to scoff. These do have buttermilk in which is a bit of a pain if you're vegan like Laura. But we found a way to make our own version of buttermilk through the wonders of the internet, just add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice per 1 cup of milk substitute. In fact, even with a lot of vegan substitutes they taste just as good the norm! All you've got to do now is beg someone to whip them up for you, puppy dog eyes included.

Laura       &       Michael

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  1. Oh my goodness, did you seriously make these yourselves? They look spectacular! I used to love these types of buns when I was younger, but haven't had one in years due to my dairy allergy. It's fantastic that you successfully managed to 'veganise' them :D

    1. Michael made them and they were amazing! You should definitely give them a go if you get the chance :) Thanks for leaving a comment, we get so excited :D