Bake of the week! 10/11/2013

We're on a winning streak, some of my best bakes have been created in past few weeks. Laura is a very happy bunny! While looking for something to bake this week, we remembered a delicious tomato bread we bought at the Hampshire food festival a couple of years ago so we made it our mission to find re-create the masterpiece. Luckily we came across this recipe on HonestCooking.com.

This bread was in fact better than what we sought, jolly good. We've had trouble with tomato bread in the past, it never really tastes of tomato but this is the one. I am the master baker. This bread would go with anything; soup, butter, toasties, cheese, pasta, etc. It has a super crispy crust that's fantastic for dipping into your favourite bowl of soup. It's the type of bread that would look amazing on a wooden board in the middle of a family dinner. Win Win.

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