Frosty the snowman...

Warning: long post.

We are now in Christmas territory and for us we bloody love it! But, of course, Christmas comes hand in hand with freezing weather so we thought seeing as we did a keep cold post in the sweltering heat it's now time for some warming tips to be shared. Seeing as Laura has had Raynauds since she was young she's the best person to help you out with this, you're in safe hands. Here's our list for staying toasty:

  • Hats - They're magic. It's unbelievable how much of a difference popping on a beanie can make. If you buy a decent hat (ideally wooly) then it will last you for years and trap all that hot air that will leave through your head. Asos do a great selection of hats, especially the mens.
  • Gloves - Laura had over 10 pairs of gloves at one point and they were all well used. Little wooly gloves are perfect to layer up so it's harder to let all that chilliness creep in. If you can try to spend a little more on a really thick pair of gloves that will really keep you warm and last forever. Also, fingerless gloves (Laura has these) are great for indoors so you can still go about your daily business.
  • Scarf/Snood - I bought Laura a big snuggly snood a few years ago and she doesn't wear any other. Try to buy the biggest, thickest scarf you can find, you'll thank me later.
  • Electric blanket - We've been through a few of these, you have to be careful of faults otherwise you'll be a whole different kind of toasty! These are so good if you have severe M.E and are bed bound, just turn it up to a good temperature and put it over you under your duvet. We have this one. Laura used to have one that went under your bed sheet so you could put it on to warm your bed up.
  • Electric heater - Perfect for when you don't want to leave the warmth of your bath/shower. Most people can't afford to put the radiator on just for 5 minutes so we plug one of these in and put it wherever needs warming up to make hopping out of the shower bearable. Ours is very old (Nan gave it to us) but it does the job, you can find some here.
  • Wooly clothes - Half of Laura's wardrobe is knitwear, no joke. And she still manages to steal mine! Primark is cheap and cheerful but they still do cosy knitwear, fleecey pyjamas and those super cosy tights. Although, sometimes it's worth splashing out a little more for a really thick fleecey jumper which will get you through winter.
  • Hot water bottle - The old fashioned way of keeping warm, just fill it with boiling water and pop it in your bed for a cheap way to keep warm at night. Laura's Mum popped one in the bottom of a sleeping bag when we went to a firework display last year and it really worked (i wouldn't recommend doing that unless you're in a wheelchair though).
  • Hot beanie toys - Not only great for the cold they also help aches and pains all over your body. I bought Laura one a few Christmas's ago and it's falling to pieces after years of snuggles, but she loves it. These are surprisingly cheap too. 
  • Warm drinks - Whittards. Seriously good drinks in that shop. But, not many of us can afford to regularly shop there other than a treat, Laura's Mum bought her some Mulled Wine Instant Tea and she's been drinking it everyday. There's so many options out there that there will be something for everything, as long as it's warm and warms your cockles.
  • Soup - It's got to be Heinz Tomato Soup if you're not vegan, it's the classic comfort food. A good hearty soup does wonders, not only does it contain lots of vegetables to keep the cold and flu at bay but it's so easy to eat for all you poorlies out there. If you're ill and can't make your own then tins are great but nothing beats proper homemade soup with a chunk of fresh bread.
  • Coat - The cheaper clothing stores do great coats now but we would definitely recommend spending a little more for a better quality and weather-proof coat. If you're into fashion and like to get a new coat every year then fine but try to get it for cheaper and always have a decent coat that you'll be able to turn to for years. Last year i bought Laura a Fat Face gilet and even though it didn't have sleeves when we went out in the snow she didn't get cold. First. Time. Ever.
  • Hand warmers - Snap and you've got instant heat. Laura used to carry these around in her bag at school for when she got way too cold. You can find them everywhere now, we've just bought these Hello Kitty ones for Laura's little sisters Birthday.
  • Thick curtains - Insulation is key. You'd be surprised how much of a difference this can make. Unfortunately we don't have these yet but we're planning on buying the Blackout Curtains from Dunelm Mill when we move out.
  • Blankets - There's nothing better than getting into bed and snuggling up under piles of blankets. There are so many different types made of different materials, we like big thick tartan ones because they look awesome. We know that they're hard to store but if you buy some vacuum storage packs they will easily slide under your bed or the top of your cupboard.
  • Slipper socks - Big fluffy balls of comfy. Put a pair of these on and you will feel the difference. Primark, Primark, Primark. They sell so many big fluffy socks for pretty cheap and they do last fairly long. If you can't go to Primark due to illness then we bought these Polar Bear Slipper Socks for £12 from Next,  more expensive but so worth it.
  • Layers  -Upon layer, upon layer, upon layer. Laura's an expert in this, she's been known to wear 15 layers before (and still be cold!). A lot of thin layers is much better than one big thick layers, there's more walls for the air to fight for escape. It helps that layering is totally cool.
 We hope this has been helpful for you. Do you have any tricks to keeping warm? Have we missed anything? Comment below and tell us anything you want!

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