Funny Mondays: Doctors apparently know best.

Laura's met many a doctor but there are some real weirdos out there. Here's a little story for you; Laura's step-mum went to the doctors with back pain but the doctor didn't speak very good English so she couldn't understand what he was saying, this lead to her showing him her boobs when he asked to feel her back. Luckily Laura's Mum was there to translate and managed to save her from flashing her boobs! Here's some other funny Doctor things.
Left: Jokideo.com        Right: Pinterest.com
We hope we've brightened your Monday. And we're planning on brightening the rest of your week too! On Wednesday there will be a Christmas advert post to get us all in the cosy Christmas spirit, then on Friday there will be a keeping warm post to make sure you're not feeling worse due to the cold.

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