Holidays are coming.

We wanted to get you in the Christmas spirit because we are definitely in full swing! You know it's Christmas when the Christmas adverts start, it's time to get excited. So, we know it's only November but we thought we'd share 2013's best adverts with you (if you haven't seen them already that is). Even you Scrooge's out there won't be able to resist these adverts.

First up is John Lewis. There was a lot of hype surrounding this advert, considering it cost £7 million to make it would be silly if there wasn't. Although not as emotional as the 2011 advert where the little boy can't wait to give his parents their presents or the 2012 advert showing the love story of the snowman traveling to get his lady a scarf.

Marks & Spencer gave well known stories a new make over with their Christmas advert. Somehow they managed to squeeze in Alice In Wonderland, Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, Aladdin and The Wizard Of Oz. They didn't hold back (two of the most famous models in the world) but by jove, does it work!

Coca Cola adverts signify the beginning of the Christmas season for many people all around the world, it also means we get to drink Coca Cola from a proper glass bottle! This advert is awesome, they've taken clips from surveillance cameras all over the place to show the love people share with each other.

Our weekly shops are always done at Aldi, they're cheap but still have a high standard. Their adverts are always so cool and they've definitely continued that with their Christmas one. Watch it, we dare you not to smile. Look out for Aldi's little adverts too, they will make you chuckle.

The Tesco Christmas advert will make your heart melt. Tesco have been doing pretty awful with their adverts lately but the way they've made this is perfect (whoever came up with this idea; you're a genius). We love that it shows one family across the years and how all their Christmas' have been. This is how we see our future Christmas'.

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