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This is the second post in the M.E emotions post, you can read the first here, so seeing as it's nearly Christmas i thought it would only seem right to do excitement. Everyone has those moments when they turn into a 5 year old child on blue smarties but with M.E it can put stress on your body, it sucks. So, i thought i'd give you a few hints and methods to help deal with all the craziness of the season. This post might be a bit wobbly as my M.E has worsened but i know you'll all forgive me, after all i am writing a post for you.

Excitement affects people in different ways and people show their excitement in many different ways. My brother has always been a complete fruit loop when it comes to Birthdays/Christmas, waking up at 1 and trying to get everyone up (even on Mothers day!), then when Mum says wait until 5 he sits on the landing until it is exactly 5 o'clock. Yeah, crazy. I, on the other hand, have never really been big on Birthdays or Christmas but it's all changing this year. The worst my body's ever been and i want to go to every Christmas market possible and cook all kinds of Christmassy treats, not possible. We are decorating the bedroom though, little red angels and a real mini Christmas tree in the corner (Michael absolutely loved that idea, joking), we're also going to try to get me to Southampton to see the coca cola van and see the Christmas market. All in moderation.
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If you have M.E or any other poorlyness then you know excitement is tiring, so here are some tips to get you through the most celebrated season of the year:
  • Plan, plan, plan. Seriously, at the beginning of the Christmas season sit down and look at all the events/places you would like to go to then pick one a week if you're up to it, or one like i have if your M.E is severe. But, if you can't go don't stress! Easier said than done, believe me, i know. Stay home and have a Christmas movie marathon, a few of my favourites are White Christmas, It's A Wonderful Life and Miracle On 34th Street.
  • Start early in your head and months wise, if that makes sense? I'm already planning next years presents so that I can spread the cost/effort out throughout the year. Leave December to enjoy Christmas without the tizz of present buying. For example there are a load of sales going on throughout the year so why not save yourself some pennies? Although, I have all big birthdays next year, my nan turns 70 in June, one of my brothers turns 18 in July, my 21st in September, then in December my youngest sister turns 13, my other sister turns 18 and my other brother turns 16, January is Michael's 21st! Whew, that's a lot.
  • Excitement can mean eating a lot of junk you really shouldn't be having, after all it is Christmas. But when m.e is involved you need to be more careful, getting caught up in the food binge around Christmas can have consequences, some worse than others. Try to even it out with one *naughty* meal a day but make sure you eat really healthy the other times and it should help. Don't stuff yourself silly people.
  • Enjoy the holidays and relax. Easier said than done, believe me i know, after 19 years of Christmas arguments! But you want to enjoy yourself, not set yourself back until next Christmas. If something's not going right then ask for help (i'm the worst person for this), rope everyone in and use them as minions, i know that your family/friends would rather give you a hand and spend Christmas with you than leave you to struggle and have someone missing.
  • Use your excitement. I get absolutely crazy about giving Michael presents but i need to hold back sometimes. The best way for me is to put all that excitement into planning or searching online for the perfect present, they'll appreciate it more. Another easy thing to do is talk to someone about whatever you're excited about, although i'm sure everyone gets fed up of me jabbering on about it (i may have told my Mum about most of her Christmas presents).
  • Everyone with m.e knows how deflating it can be when all the craziness is finished, it can leave you feeling pretty low. This doesn't make you a bad person, it just means you need to come down slowly. Have however long you need to snuggle up in bed with all the leftover food and all your favourite movies. 
  • A more general tip for managing your excitement is to control it. There are many ways to do this so it's whatever suits you or your energy levels best. I used to do a lot of yoga before i got ill and i think it can still be used now by using the breathing and meditation side. Also, I saw a throat therapist a little while ago for my tiredness and difficulty breathing or swallowing and i think the things she taught me will be really useful in this area too. One is to lie on the bed and slowly tense and untense one muscle at a time from your feet to your throat, whilst keeping your eyes closed and focusing on your body. Breathing is so important too, she told me to breathe in through my nose and then breath out as long as I could until i needed to breathe in which really relaxed me.
  • If all the excitement tires you out then don't be afraid to sleep/nap, even at someone else's house. We went to visit my family after Christmas last year even with me being really poorly and I went up and napped in their bed a few times. Obviously this has changed now but what i'm trying to say is it's okay to *step outside* for a while.
  • Just go all out Christmas! Movies, fairy light, tinsel, angels, gaudy Christmas jumpers, baubles, advent calendars, Christmas stories and, of course, a good old Christmas album. I've been listening to Now That's What I Call Music! Christmas 2013.
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I hope this has helped some what, i know this is a bit Christmas orientated but all of these tips can be altered for daily life or other events.

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