October leads to snuggles.

The Summer has definitely turned into Autumn, and boy are we pleased! Snuggly jumpers, delicious candles and comfort food, add in a few films and you've got our perfect day.

This film really is epic.

This is an easy film to watch, great for when your brain fog is especially bad and would be good to watch with the family.

WTF?! We really are speechless about what to say for this one, it's is a very creepy film that'll get you forehead wrinkles early.
Boom. Pow. Whack. We really liked this film, it's definitely our type. Who doesn't love giant robots fighting giant monsters? This films also got a good bit of drama chucked in to make this a truly magnificent film!
Another film added to the series and another easy watch. Nothing new here but if you're a fan of the others then you won't be disappointed.
Will Smith and his son do make a good team. This is a great action film but we do think there could have been more emphasis on how Earth has changed.

Baaaaaahhhhhhhhhh. We love minions, who doesn't? We were told this wasn't as good as the first but personally we think this rocks.

We were so excited to watch this and we weren't let down. It's a must see for all comic book fans (if you read this blog then you'll know we're crazy for a good superhero) and will leave you on the edge of your bed.

This film was made out to be something it wasn't, maybe it would be scary for younger teens or people like Laura's Mum who scream when they drop a pen!

We hope we've encouraged you to get watching in the chilly winter months, we know we love to snuggle up and let our imaginations run wild.

Laura       &       Michael

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