Tip #5

Picture taken from The Animal Rescue Site
If you can afford it then you need a pet! Seriously, when you feel so poorly there's nothing better than a furry friend to cuddle up with and it's so good for you psychologically. Yes, they like to bounce about and yes they do poop, but it's so worth it. We have 3 dogs and when i'm stressed or upset they're always there, people may laugh, but they do know when something's up. When i'm feeling especially ill they stay stuck to my side and keep licking me (which can get a little annoying) like they would to their own problems.Even a little pet makes such a difference, i know i certainly love when Michael brings my rabbit upstairs for a cuddle.  So, if you love animals, if you don't you're completely bonkers, then getting a pet is so good for M.E. Read more about our pets here.

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