4. Christmas bake of the week! 08/12/2013

Sorry for the delay on this weeks bake, we didn't get to taste it until last night so we couldn't give you a proper view of this delightful cake. It was Laura's Mum's birthday yesterday and we made this cake for her but still tried to keep it Christmassy, we think it succeeded! Old-fashioned Cherry Cake was the recipe, but we changed it to suit our needs and wants.

Because it already had ground almonds in, and Laura's Mum loves almond flavour, we decided to switch out the vanilla extract for Almond essence. It made the cake smell of Amaretto, imagine that floating through your house. Also we didn't use glacé cherries, instead we used morello cherries which we drained thoroughly. For all of you who don't know what they are, get down the shops, pronto! As per usual we used fake egg and margarine to make it vegan. When it was cooked we prettified it with a dusting of icing sugar.

This cake was lush, Laura's Mum absolutely loved it and it went down well with everyone else too! It tasted like a giant cherry bakewell, just melting in your mouth. Basically, give it a go.

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