7. Christmas bake of the week! 29/12/2013

The last Christmas Bake Of The Week and the last bake of the year too! Which means we've been blogging for 7 months, and boy do we love it! And hopefully your loving what we've been doing (if not, any suggestions are definitely welcome), so hopefully you'll stick with us throughout 2014. The last bake is a lush one too, Laura's Christmas breakfast. Obviously you gotta have something special, so this recipe would be good for a Sunday brunch. A lovely Spiced Fruit Loaf.
If you're a fan of fruit breads then give this one a go, mix and match the fruits to suit your liking (we did) and you're in for a treat. Laura loved it, especially with raspberry jam and her melted vegan white chocolate. Mmmmmm... Whenever we do a bread recipe we do half white flour and half wholemeal, it just makes a better bread we think, give it a go! There's only one problem, it doesn't last very long so you better get your share!

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