A Poorly Christmas Wishlist.

Written by Laura.
We're being typical bloggers and doing a few Christmas wishlist, starting with and m.e list, then his, hers and animal. I've never asked for much for Christmas but this year i've found it a little easier that i can suggest presents that will not only be cool to have but also be helpful when you're feeling rough.

10. Nord moose bedding - £24/£124

First on the list are the lovely ASOS fluffy check snood and hat. They look so soft and cosy, they're a little pricier but definitely worth it, and hey! It's Christmas. Michael bought me a snood 3 years ago and it's the only scarf/snood i wear, it's probably a bit grimey now but I just can't resist. Then the matching hat, hats are my best friend, seriously, look in the mirror and your hair looks like you've just got out the shower (Michael came in one day and asked if Mum had washed my hair, she hadn't) pop a hat on and everything's hidden. The pyjamas look so comfy and like they'd keep you warm, again there a little expensive but you can't beat good quality PJs. A present for all the stress heads out there; i've read a lot about Aromatherapy Associates, here and here, they'll be so good for different problems and help you to relax. I love love love Christmas movies, my favourites being White Christmas, Miracle On 34th Street and It's A Wonderful Life. They're the perfect thing to snuggle down with to get you in the Christmas spirit while healthy people are attending Christmas events. Who wouldn't rather be at home under a warm blanket with a warm beverage and some sweets?

Sometimes we need to escape from the crap that is everyday life and i find a game is great for this. So, i like to play Sims as it is something you can really lose yourself in, though when it keeps messing up it's not very relaxing. I'd rather have piles and piles of blankets or throws than one big one, it's just so comforting to me, shame when your boyfriend's like a radiator though! I really think a good fleecey blanket is a great Christmas present, it can be more expensive so better quality and will make such a difference to how you feel, the cold makes you feel so much worse. The Clarasonic Mia makes a great present for any skincare junkies out there (my hands the highest) so you don't have to put the effort in to scrub your face. I'm definitely thinking of buying one of these after a friend said they were helpful. Mittens are awesome, especially kitten mittens, see what I did there? And these are touch screen mittens, touch screen mittens! I am totally getting these. Last is the moose bedding. If you're bedbound like i am then you'll know that decent bedding can make all the difference and i think this moose bedding is funny and seasonal.

Enjoy you're Christmas shopping!

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