A Wish List For Your Furry Friends.

It's here, the final wish list in our little series. After all, it's only 12 days until Christmas! So, if you haven't finished shopping (what have you been doing?!) then fear not as we are here to help. We started with a wish list for anyone who is not in good health, which you can read here, it's great if you need to buy for someone who needs that little extra care. Next was our wish list for all the lovely gents out there aka me, have a good nosey here. Our last list was a helping hand in buying presents for the lovely lady in your life, you can read it here. So, now onto what to buy for our true best friends, animals.

First up is a great little toy to chuck around with your dog, it would probably be better suited to smaller hounds as it's only small itself. Omg! Izzy loves these bones, she'll sit there and chew one for days (although it's usually demolished in hours) so it's a good treat for big dogs. This is a snazzy little tag to add a little pizzaz to your dogs collar. Speaking of collars, these tweed ones look very dapper and they're also hand made so not only will your dog look very stylish, you'll be supporting a small business. We don't have a cat (yet!) but we thought we'd add in a little present for all the crazy cat ladies out there, and this bed looks so cosy.

If you have a dog like Scamp who likes to push his food bowl around the kitchen 'til you feed him, then you'll need a hefty bowl like this to survive the beating. The hamper is a nice all rounder if you just can't decide what to get your little hounds or if you're a little short on money you can share it out. Izzy will be getting these very soon, great if your dog likes to tug on something or squeaky noises (hopefully the squeak won't be torn out too soon). As you will know, we have a cute little bunny who likes attention and stomping his feet so it's only fair that we included a few gifts for Barley. We picked some Christmas wooden chews and a microwavable heat pad (these are great for regulating temperature). 

If you're crazy like us then you can even take your pets to a large pet shop and let them pick their own Christmas presents. We hope you've enjoyed our little wishlists and that they've been helpful at this wonderful, if not stressful, time of the year.

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