A Wishlist For The Lady.

written by Laura.
OMG! Only 2 weeks until Christmas! Where's the time gone? If you haven't been good and bought all your Chritmas presents yet then you should definitely check out all of our wishlists, this being the third in our series of 4. We've done A Poorly Christmas Wishlist and The Boys Christmas Wishlist. So, lets get on with the ladys' wishlist.

If you read this blog regularly then you know i am a huge Lush fan so this present won't come as a surprise. The Feeling Younger skin tint is great for dark circles, covering problem areas and highlighting, magic. I used to play dinosaurs with my youngest brother a lot, he was obsessed with them so i love these socks. I've been scrolling through Crown and Glory for a while but i could never pick between all of the beautiful things they sell! I eventually settled on the star crown as i'm a bit coo-coo when it comes to stars and it would be lovely to wear over the party season if you're not into whole body sequins. If i didn't use a wheelchair i would have this backpack! I'm really into monsters and dinosaurs and things like that so this would be perfect for weekends away (if you can take the bare minimum!). My wardrobe is full of knitwear, it's just so cosy and warm. This penguin jumper looks so sweet, especially worn over comfy leggings.

We were meant to go to London in September but i was too poorly. We had plans to go to the 
Ms Cupcake bakery to stuff our faces with all the lovely goodies they make, unfortunately that never happened so this cook book would be an awesome alternative. The Oribe Maximista thickening spray has had such amazing reviews that i think i'd like to try it. I've already got the dry texturising spray and i love it, Oribe are doing really well! Christmas pudding! Mmmhmmm... Mum has to make more each year, they go down a treat in our house so it's only right i have a Christmas pudding hat, even more so when some of the money goes to charity. I only like white chocolate but since going vegan it's been a hard task finding a decent one until i stumbled upon the coconut chocolate bar. It is seriously good. Last but by no means least, a luxurious Neom candle. We love candles, at the moment we've got 6 on the go in our one room (variety is the spice of life as they say) so we would love a posh candle to burn on special occasions.

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