'Snow is falling...' we wish.

We really wanted to post on Christmas eve (perfect for reaching our 100th post!) so that munchkins like us can sit back and relax, not that we'll be doing that though! We're doing Christmas with all Laura's brothers and sisters tonight, mayhem. Don't worry though this weekend and the following week will be a big Christmas/ New Year reveal, *taps side of nose*. We really hope you'll like that, we know we would, or should I say Laura the post gobbler. But, on to today's post; our favourite things about Christmas.
  1. Dinner. One of the only times of the year that it's acceptable to stuff your face until you'll pop if you eat anymore.
  2. The Doctor Who Christmas special. Yeah, we went there. What's not to love? Aliens, time travel, a quirky doctor and a beautiful companion make for a perfect after dinner show.
  3. Presents! We're not materialistic at all but you're lying if you're saying you don't love the excitement of ripping the paper to find the most perfect present personally picked.
  4. Giving. We are both humungus givers. In fact, we're more excited about giving each other presents than anything else and always end up giving presents early.
  5. Spending the whole day with Izzy. While we live at Laura's Mums we can't have her living with us so Christmas is extra special.
  6. Everyone's in a good mood. And if they aren't they should be. After all, it is the most wonderful time of the year.
  7. Scamp opening his presents. He's getting very old and has a million different problems, but watching him run around like a puppy Christmas morning adds that little extra magic.
  8. Christmas movies. It might annoy some people (yes, me), but all the Christmas movies on around this time of year get everyone in the Christmas spirit.
  9. Family time. Believe us, we know it doesn't always go... let's say, peacefully. But, when it does it's lovely, everything else gets pushed out and everyone shares their time with you.
  10. Christmas songs. Of course, Christmas just wouldn't be the same without all those merry tunes that everyone knows the words to. It's great for Laura (who sings Christmas songs all throughout the year) as she can sing to her hearts content without too many weird looks!
Done. Please share some of yours in the comment box below, we'd love to read them. So, Merry Christmas! And to all you poorlies out there; don't push yourself too much!

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