The Boys Christmas Wishlist.

This is the second wishlist in our little Christmas series and Laura's getting really into this wishlist stuff! You can see our first here for present ideas for the person in your life who's a little under the weather (or ofc for yourself).


Up first are some chunky boots, which you'll need if your feet are to survive the cold winter months ahead, no canvas slip on around here thank you! I may already have these and they may already be keeping my feet toasty. If you've been reading our blog for a while you'll know that we've recently got a car so the Grippy pad is perfect for sticking your phone or anything you need on the dashboard when your partner is snoring next to you. Sweets, what more do i need to say? Bacon, BACON, bacon... Bacon, Bacon Salt ladies and gentlemen. Next is what i'm sure most guys will be doing puppy eyes over, unfortunately it's a little expensive for most of us, so save all your pennies!

Me and Laura will definitely be getting the new Lego game. As you know, we love superheroes so the week after Christmas you'll find us hibernating with munchies killing the bad guys. A GIANT GUMMY BEAR, i've always wanted something like this to exist growing up and my dreams have come. I think it must be pretty rare that people don't get smellies for Christmas so i had to add one to the list, and this smells lovely (Laura's Nan bought me one last year and it went down well). If you've ever wanted to feel a little more like the amazing Doctor Who then now is your chance, anyone want some fish fingers and custard while we're at it? This really is a present for the little boy trapped in your man. Lastly if you have a face full of hair you can't go wrong with this i-stubble trimmer. I have one and it's the best trimmer that i've ever had as you can choose the exact length you want your stubble/beard to be.

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