2 Weeks Notice.

Wow, this went down so well last time, *thank god*, so this is definitely a keeper. Who doesn't need brightening up on an English Monday morning? I read the news and watch videos a load and Laura is addicted to reading blogs so this series is perfect for our little blog. So here you go:


Bake of the week! 26/01/2014

This week we thought we'd go simple with a recipe that will set you up for the rest of the year. Yep, that's right, you're 'gonna be the coolest guy at all the parties with your amazing cakes. We love our fancy bakes but sometimes it's nice to indulge in the simple pleasures (even if it is covered in pink icing).
Victoria Sponge (serves 8-10)

8oz sugar
8oz butter
8oz flour
4 eggs/egg substitute (using Orgran no egg will prevent it from rising so maybe try flax egg)

  • Preheat oven to gas mark 6.
  • Get 2 round cake tins, grease them with butter then line with baking paper.
  • Cream the butter and sugar together in a large bowl until smooth.
  • Add a little of flour and eggs at a time until completely blended into the batter.
  • Pour the mixture in to the cake tins, half in each.
  • Bake in oven for around 30 mins, until golden & a knife put into the middle comes out clean.
  • Leave to cool on a rack until cool.
  • Now, it's up to you, we covered ours (only 1 half due to tin going walk about) in icing but traditionally a good wad of jam in between the 2 cakes is awesome!
  • YUM.



written by Laura.
Just a warning, this is going to be one hell of a rant. How many of you love Topshop? And how long have you been shopping there? What is the age of my younger sister who looks around Topshop? 12. Now, normally there wouldn't be a problem with this. Until yesterday. I like Topshop and for the past 3 years I've been buying my pants from there but I no longer feel able to. "Why?" You ask?
unknown source
I was browsing the internet yesterday (as a lot of bedbound do) when I clicked onto the Topshop website, only to see a stick thin malnutritioned model advertising their lounge wear. See here. Now, I looked at this through my anorexia eyes and immediately felt, for lack of a better term, fat. Then, as a big sister to 5 I thought about how this would make my curvy younger sisters feel and I was sooo not happy. At. All. Some people may say I'm being stupid but more and more girls are becoming anorexic every single day, and everyone is becoming more curvy as time goes on. So, why not use a larger model? They don't have to be big guys, but please, at least a size 8 people! I'm a size 6 but I don't ever want my sisters to end up in my position which is why I try to support them and help them through knowing how bad anorexia can be. But, why would I waste energy doing this when they're going to leave the house, or only pick up their phones, and be bombarded with pictures of half naked (don't even get me started on that side), stick thin, supposedly *beautiful* women. I'm pretty disappointed that in this day and age, where we've progressed so much, we are still too stupid to see that skinny isn't beautiful, you are.
p.s. For support with an eating disorder go to Beat, a charity that has saves a lot of lives.


Shake it like a polaroid picture.

Right, here's our other 'other weekly' Monday series. I know we love looking at other bloggers' photos so we thought why not share ours on this here blog. As you will know if you're a frequent visitor, last week we took a little trip to a little cottage in the middle of the countryside for Michael's Birthday. It was bliss.

 night time over the barn / beautiful kitchen / open living area / gorgeous view from the sofa.

 my Birthday breakfast / my mini Birthday muffin / delicious dinner / gooey muffin centre.

 Izzy watching pheasants / her spot / smoooth / so cute & very tired.

 GBK rocks / juiciest oranges ever / burgers to cheer us up coming home / selfie pout.

  a Marvel marathon / my new favourite watch / playing Pandemic / Laura's dream lunch.

 sleeping beauties / evening walk / a very snuggly week / us.

p.s. Thank you to Cottages 4 You for being so so so helpful.


Bake of the Week! 19/01/2014

We had a lovely break this week (pop back for pictures tomorrow) which meant a lot of snacky food, but sadly no baking. So, we have a little cheat in our Granola Crumble. A crumble that's both delicious and nutritious, all you need is a spare 10 minutes and some of our amazing Granola.
All you have to do is pick some of your favourite fruits (we normally use apple) and cook them in a saucepan with a bit of water until softened to your liking. Put it into a bowl and top with granola, then pop in the microwave until it's all heated through. Serve with something scrummy. Done. Delicious.


2 Weeks Notice.

Welcome to our new Monday series! Funny Mondays were going a bit stale so we thought it was time to shake it up a little, and we think you're going to like it. So, every other Monday will be a photo sharing post from our lives from the 2 weeks previously. But on the Monday between those will be '2 weeks notice', a post full of all the wonderful things in the interweb we've stumbled upon in the last 2 weeks. Got it? Don't worry, neither do we, but you'll get the gist of it.

  • Read some funny tweets from crazy parents here.
  • Laura loved this post from Brown Eyed Baker about her dogs enjoying the Arctic temperatures.
  • As above, some people got a little too excited about the drop in temperature leading to silly people with silly burns, thanks Buzzfeed.  
  • We need to think about 5 bad habits that cause wrinkles, we don't stay young forever you know. 
  • The video below just blows our mind, taking tree hugging to the extreme! (excuse the twat inserting comments in the video).

We hope you liked this, any comments below with criticism (constructive of course) are very welcome. We're away the rest of the week but we'll be back with some photos next Monday.

Bake of the week! Vegan Crepes.

Sorry it's a bit later than usual guys, Izzy decided she's had enough of her fur so the house was one giant fur ball, hence operation clean up. Anyway, we're easing into this year gently so no gigantic pull your hair out bakes. Maximum flavour with minimum time? Pancakes (crepes if we're being picky). Laura loves pancakes! She eats like a sparrow then proceeds to shove pancakes down her throat like it's her last day on Earth.
This is a great vegan pancake recipe that tastes exactly the same as a non-vegan batter. They take a little longer to cook but who minds waiting for pancakes on a Sunday morning? The only thing we changed was almond milk as our milk substitute. Personally, we think you can't beat lemon and sugar drizzled over the pancakes, generously of course. Try it biatch.


Christmas Postman.

Quick note, only a small post today, Laura's feeling extra poorly.
Yes, we know it's a bit late (maybe extremely) but we just had to share what the postman brought around Christmas. Laura took part in Vicki from A Life of Geekery's blogger secret Santa so we were excited to see what our Santa picked us! We were given to Rachel from Happy Chapess and she did very well.  Laura got a new lavender hottie (which is her new favorite and already been used to death) so she obviously took the time to choose something special for someone with M.E. Thank you!
We just had to show you another delivery from Laura's friend with M.E because it was just so lovely. It had 6 dog chews in (2 for each dog), a little something for Barley the rabbit, a little pocket tissue cover and a yummy marshmallow kit that we can't wait to try. Thank you too!
Just a little bit of news on the end, the flat was inhabitable so moving's a no go at the moment. Although, it does mean more saving time and lots more time snuggled up with Scamp.


No more Funny Mondays.

Yup, no more. When you don't look forward to writing something, you know it's time for it to go. But, don't worry we have 2 new Monday series coming your way. We're going to do some photo sharing and what we've been up to, then every other Monday from that will be '2 weeks notice'. Curious (or confused)? You better come back next Monday to see what's going on!


Bake of the week! 05/01/2014

We thought for the first recipe of the year, we would make something quick and easy but also healthy to start the new year after all the crazy festivities. Pitta Bread. mmm... Thats right, the best pitta bread that will ever cross your lips, simple, but the best.

We're true believers that home made bread is better than anything you'll buy in a shop and with this recipe just as quick too. We've used this recipe before and the pitta is perfect if your looking for a healthy start to the year. You'll find yourself coming back to this recipe time and time again for your fix. You can tweak the pitta a little to add more flavour with a teaspoon of whichever spice or herb that takes your fancy. We recommend cutting it in half and filling it with salad, a nice sauce and burger/falafel/tuna/meatballs/chicken/etc. Go on, try it for the week ahead!


Share the Love, man.

written by Laura.
I've been delving into many blogs since last Christmas (just look at my bloglovin' feed) and am a true blog junky, so for 2014 i thought it was only fair for me to share 14 of my favourite blogs to read. Suffering from severe m.e and being permanently bedbound means that blogs/blogging is a real escape for me, not only reading the most magical of blogs but the blogging community is amazing. If you do anything in 2014, make sure it involves taking a peek into the lives and loves of the 14 lovely ladies below.
Vivianna Does Makeup - Now. One of my all time favourite blogs. Yup. You read a post by the lovely Anna and you'll see what I mean. She seems so friendly and all her posts make you feel like it's a chat over coffee and cake with an old friend, the best writing style. Ever.

Sunny Sweet Pea - First, her dog Pip is so sweet, just read her blog for that, 'kay? Sunny Sweet Pea has everything, but she makes *everything* interesting. You'll find book and film reviews, lots of amazing photos and little peaks into Jenny's life in Norfolk. You have to look at her Year In Photos, you'll be enchanted.

e-elise etc - This is the perfect blog for the crafter in you, even better that it's so well laid out and easy to read. I find Erin's blog one of the easiest to read and relax with, filled with a little something of everything, this blog is the one I get most inspiration for my own little space if the internet.

Mo'Adore - I love this Scottish lass! No, seriously, she's the sort of girl you know you want to hang out with. Moray's blog is filled with a little bit of everything and a lot of awesomeness (veggie and cruelty free), can you tell I'm hooked? If you're not sure then you must read her Linkables features on a Friday. Do it!

Miss Jojangles - Jojo is one of the most loveliest girls you'll find in the blogging community and it really shines through in her posts. This blog is so good for people with m.e who are feeling a little blue, in fact, I've never read a down post from Jojo. Magical.

Lisette Loves - Another lovely lady who everyone in the blogging world wants to know, i'm sure of it. Lisette's blog is just so nice? Nahh, awesome, definitely. I don't know what else to say other than read her Thankful Thursdays.

Veggieful - A couple sharing their vegan lifestyle down under, sounds like bliss huh? Luckily, their blog allows us to live a bit through them and their recipes and photos are just beautiful. You need to pop over to this blog, even if it's just to see the wonderful design, it truly is the cutest design I've come across in blog land.

From Roses - I've been reading From Roses for the past year and I never seem to get bored of it! Rebecca is not only gorgeous (those tattoos!) but her photos always look so beautiful and effortless, it's so easy to get caught up in. She's also written a few more personal posts this year that were so well written for such sensitive subjects; Love Thyself it's allowedTo Remember Them.

NatuRia Beauty - It's so bloody hard trying to find a decent English natural beauty blog but Ria's has got it all! I completely trust all of her reviews and love finding new skincare products to try out (ill doesn't mean bad skin). If you're an eco/natural but like me then I suggest you start reading!

Little Winter - The blog that made me want to start my own. And the blog I shove in Michael's face most often. A couple that make blogging as a two look effortless (no shove your fingers down your throat moments), where we take most inspiration from. I love the way Katy blogs, including all of her little family, and they've just bought their own house so I think instagram is a must.

Fifi Mcgee - She seems pretty crazy to me, an infectious crazy. This is how I get my fix of Brighton from my bed, and she's the girl to give you a guided tour. I just love looking at her pictures when I'm too tired to read properly, she's enchanting and her photos are always perfect.

Lottie's Little Kitchen - I don't know what to say other than I love reading this blog. Lottie is a student who still manages to make her food cheap and beautiful, she makes cooking look so easy! For some reason, for me, it's just such a relaxing blog and I make sure I read every single post.  I especially loved reading about her Australian adventures which you can read all about here (so jealous).

Student Life: the diary of a poor girl - Bridget Jones, eat your heart out. I haven't been reading this blog long but god, it gives me the giggles. A student with a 'get what you see' attitude that makes her a breathe of fresh air in the blogging world, although not for the prude!

Cider with Rosie -I've emailed a few bloggers for advice but not all were so kind as Rosie (some didn't even replied so...) and i didn't feel like an utter idiot after either so win-win. This is one of the first blogs i go to when i load the laptop up, it's just so beautifully done, and come on, who doesn't love a good nosey into someone else's life?! I especially love her interviews with the blogs in her sidebar, the latest being here.


Happy New Year.

written by Laura.
Yes, it is officially 2014! We don't normally celebrate New Year due to our horrific bad luck, but this year is different seeing as 2013 was the best year we've had ever. By. Far. We saw the New Year in snuggled in bed with Scamp, watching Graham Norton (love that show) and looking at sofas online. Perfect.

What happened in 2013?
We started this awesome blog (even if we say so ourselves) and threw ourselves into the blogging community, and even got to speak to some of our favourite bloggers! proof. We're extremely proud of this little space here. Then, our best friend moved to Oz! Lucky bastard. We got to see him before Christmas and he is so so happy, we're so excited for him even if we won't get to see him until 2015. We have also got a lot more help with a very poorly me. After 4 years we finally managed to get a home nurse, a physio and an occupational therapist, all in one go! The OT and physio got us to urgent on the housing list, leading onto the next amazing point. We've been offered a flat! Yes, that's right, our very own place! Hopefully it will turn out great, meaning a whole lotta posts for you, if you'd like? I would suggest following us on Instagram and Twitter to see how it's going *crazy grin*. We've made a new very close (and lovely) friend who also has severe m.e, all through this wonderful blog, it's allowed us to meet new people and grown my confidence off line too. Also this year, Michael finally passed his driving test (not his fault, arsehole examiners) which meant we could get a car making things much easier with getting out and about, seeing Izzy too! I can honestly say I've never felt so safe as when my mans driving (no travel sickness too).

So we're looking forward to 2014 and everything it will bring (ahhhhh), but we'll be sharing our journey with you so you better start following our Instagram! Now, we're not resolution type people but we thought it would be cool to set ourselves a few little goals to try to achieve by 2015. You can keep up with us, and slap our wrists when we're slacking but we're superheroes, we can do anything.
  • Go banger racing, it is awesome.
  • Get a cat (Izzy would go crazy for a little friend).
  • Move into our own place, keep your fingers crossed please.
  • Do a completely new bake every week. We know how much you love our Bake Of The Week?
  • Michael's going to learn some HTML so we can personalise this blog a hell of a lot more.
  • My goal is to read 3 books a month and do reviews on every single one of them. I love reading but it's hard with m.e so hopefully I can keep up with this, I'm sure you'll all support me along the way.
  • Reach 50 followers on bloglovin'. Bam.
So welcome to 2014! We hope it brings you everything you wish for and you're happy, it's all that matters. How are you feeling about 2014? Do you have any goals?